Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Na-Vhong Navarro

You're getting old, my dear doggie...

Etong aso ko, ang hilig makiuso. I was working intensely (intensely daw oh!) when I heard dogs barking, along with loud screeching sounds. Pagtingin ko sa bintana, I saw TheDog being mauled by three dogs. One was biting his hind leg, another was biting his contralateral foreleg, and yet another had him by the neck. Kawawang aso. The b*tch was also there -- watching the gory scene -- unperturbed. Apparently, it's mating season once again. 

It's funny (NO, NOT REALLY) how much the scene mirrors an actual event that happened just last week.  *cough* Vhong, Deniece, Cedric *cough* Tangent thought: Where is Denephew? #CornyAkoPakiNyo

So, heto ang aso. Bugbog-sarado. Wounded. The judge has decided: Reclusion perpetua. Kidding. He's grounded till further notice. He still likes the girls, but he's getting tool old for this. Back in the day, he can take on a pack of dogs and still emerge snarling. Now? Now? To paraphrase Stinger in Top Gun: "Dog, your ego is writing checks your body can't cash."

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