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Amazing Race Christmas 2013, Team KoKo: Boracay


As I mentioned in an earlier post, I misread our itinerary and we almost didn't make it to the airport on time. Thankfully, we did, with a few minutes (and I do mean few minutes) to spare. We were the last passengers to be booked for that flight and had separate seats. Sharkteeth and I sat together, but, apparently, kids aren't allowed to be seated near the exit during takeoff. I asked S if she's okay sitting away (second to the last row) from us, reassuring her that she can sit with me as soon as we're airborne, and she acquiesced. When the flight crew went to get her once we were airborne, she was already asleep. (She was physically and emotionally spent, as she was crying on our way to the airport. Masama ang loob kasi her cousins were late and they weren't able to play. Plus when we were leaving, we couldn't find her Lolo Adobo and she wasn't able to say goodbye. Kaluoy.) The trip to Boracay was uneventful. After all, the copilot was Baduday's husband, a former colleague and batchmate, eh ma-Suerte yun, in more ways than one. :) 

When we reached the island, my stress level was increasing again. Kasi di ako nag-book ng hotel. Super-duper peak season, no booking?
Wow, lakas ng loob, right? Adding to the complication was our limited budget and the sheer number of tourists. Sa totoo lang, I was prepared to rough it out and matulog sa beach on the first night. Nagdala ako ng anti-insect wipes. Seriously. We inquired at a few hotels, but their prices were out of our budget. When we reached the beach in Station 2, I was a bit desperate na, kasi as you go nearer sa beach, the more expensive the accommodations get. Then we inquired in La Fiesta Resort, which is on the beachfront. It is not a hotel but a family-owned resort. Initially, they quoted 3.5K (two persons) + 500 (for S) per night. TheHusband plainly asked if there's a discount. Sa totoo lang, I wasn't expecting any, given na super-duper peak season and nasa beachfront sila, and I was quite prepared to pay that amount (#desperado), but, happily, the lady at the front desk asked her boss and they gave us a family room for 3K pesos! The room has two queen-sized beds and is air-conditioned, very clean, and spacious. The linens are clean and fresh smelling. There's hot and cold water. There's WiFI, but I was rarely able to connect to it. Mahina na ang connection kasi nasa second floor kami. The TV is so, so, but has cable connection. Kyeber, I don't watch TV naman. They have big cabinets. And there's a small ref. All that for 3K a night. The Christmas miracle at Boracay! Falalalalalalalala!

See the "star" in the middle between the sails? That's Venus.
Picture taken by TheHusband.

We freshened up and had dinner. The place is a few steps away from Gerry's Grill and Starbucks. Pagkakain, I immediately fell asleep. The next day, maaga pa lang, around 6 am, lumabas na kami ni S and strolled on the beach. I fell in love with the place all over again. The last time we were there was in 2009.


Boracay is still as beautiful as I remember it, but there were sooooo many people, people of different colors, sizes, and nationalities. And the party scene was roaring. Hindi naman ako mahilig sa party, party, party. #Thanders na! Hehehehe.

The District

Ay, eto ang kwento pa. On our second night, we went out for a stroll. Then a gay guy from Astoria approached us offering a free buffet dinner and a "brief" introduction to their product/brand. I sensed a "con," but really, I'm always gracious sa mga promoters (unless they are from Family First or yung mga nagbebenta ng cosmetics who point out your flaws outright like we're best friends then offer miraculous product), so I took the flyers. TheHusband appeared uninterested. Si S, adik sa buffet. Ako, I don't like buffets kasi I feel compelled to eat more (para sulit), pero since free, go, go, go, but at the back of my mind, I knew that their brief introduction wasn't going to be brief at all. After dinner, they introduced Astoria Plaza's timeshare system. Mark, the salesperson assigned to us, is sooooooo madaldal. Natalo ako. He was alternately funny and serious and quite good at sales. The thing is, kami ang binentahan nya. Dun! Dun sya nagkamali! The concept of the product is quite good and sound, and for constant travelers, it seems a good investment. Kamukat-mukat mo, pasado alas-nueve na! Antok na si S. What surprised me was TheHusband was interested. Eh sya ang taga-"no" ng family; ako ang utuin, so ako lagi ang "yes, yes, yes." Hahahaha! Tingin ko kung may dalang pera 'yun ay nakapag-down kami. Buti na lang wala kaming dala. Actually, we didn't have any ID, ATM, credit card, or even a cent with us -- kasi nga mag-stroll lang kami dapat. So there, sawing umuwi si Mark. Ako, kebs lang, may lost time, pero free dinner naman, which was masarap (again, may vetsin dila ko).

Pamana Photobooth circa 1930 :)

Our stay was enjoyable, and it was the most relaxing break I had in a long time. Remember,  earthquake, Yolanda, my D&C, my tons of files, marathon gift-wrapping session, JRS? For the first time in months, I was able to sleep for 10 hours straight. Ahhh, what a treat. The sleep alone was a wonderful and priceless Christmas gift. I didn't swim much  -- the most time I spent swimming was on our last day. The food is okay overall, nothing memorable for me though. And oh, there's a Mango outlet there, and the discounts are huge. Pero hindi ko gusto yung isang crew dun.  I was looking for a shift dress, and when she haughtily replied "Ano 'yun [the shift dress]?", she couldn't have looked any more disinterested. Hmmmmpp, nakakawalang-gana sya. Pero may nabili pa rin ako. Hehehehe. Had I known na merong Mango outlet sa Bacolod, dun na lang sana ako bumili. I don't like patronizing shops with staff who seem to think that I owe them for shopping in their store.

Bye, Boracay!

While waiting inside the bus (going to Iloilo) in Caticlan, TheHusband went off to buy some stuff in Mercury. When he came back, he said, "Punta ka ng Mercury, nagkakagulo sila dun." Akala ko naman may sale or samples or freebies, susugod na sana ako. Then he said, "Andun daw si, sino ba yun, Sam Milby daw." Sus, kung si Papa Piolo pa yun.

La Fiesta Resort
Boracay Island 
Balabag, Malay, Aklan
Phone: +63-36-2884234
Mobile: +63-919-8610886

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