Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Requiem for Rabbit

He was *just* a replacement bunny. After Bunny Buns' untimely death, I was frantic to replace him and my only requirement was that he be a rabbit. For a very small bunny, Rabbit had big shoes to fill. Bunny Buns was the most gregarious rabbit around, even abnormally so, and I guess, TheHusband and Sharkteeth, and I'm ashamed to admit it, even I, never really felt that Rabbit can replace Bunny Buns and didn't get as attached.

Rabbit, for all his shyness, loves touch and affection. He loves being cuddled gently and stroked. The neighbor's very naughty dog was able to charm him by licking Rabbit's head.

While he loved the outdoors and lounging under the hydrangeas, he was quite unadventurous and would always return home. I can't remember if it was Ondoy or Pepeng, but TheHusband and I woke up in the middle of the night because of the howling wind and when I looked at his cage, Rabbit wasn't there, and I was afraid that he escaped and might get hurt by a falling tree or something. It turned out he went to our front door, perhaps seeking comfort inside. He was all wet and shivering, and it was funny, sad, and so very touching.

More than a week ago, I noticed that he lost his appetite. It was quite obvious because I rarely see him not munching on some veggie or fruit, and for once, his food was left untouched, neither was his water. I brought him to the vet, who couldn't find anything wrong and just told me to give him some multivitamins every morning and afternoon. I could already feel his hipbones sticking out. By Thursday, he was munching on an apple and drinking some water. Not as much as I hoped, but still I was glad that he was eating. I really thought he could weather this, but come Saturday afternoon, I noticed that he was steadily becoming, well, droopy, for lack of a better word. You see, he usually sits alert at his cage, even when he was sick, but when the evening hit, he was already lying on his side. I asked Sharkteeth to say her goodbye, and with much tears, she did. I checked on him every few minutes or so, and I saw his breath getting labored, and he made this miserable plaintive cry that was really heartbreaking---all his life, he never really made much noise, maybe just a squeak or two, but never this piteous sound. I think Sharkteeth summed all the guilt and emotions I was feeling, "Mymy, I love Rabbit so much, and I'm so sorry that I didn't take care of him well. Do you remember Bunny-Buns? When he died, I was angry at Kelly [for killing him], but now, I am just sooooo sad. I don't think I want to have another bunny, I just love Rabbit so much."

Rabbit's last picture, taken last Saturday afternoon, January 29, 2011. Bye, Rabbit.


  1. Ooooh, that is just frustrating. We once had a dog that was as white as can be and the kids loved Sprite so much. He was diagnosed with parvo and died. It was a heartbreaking scenery when the kids died and was bawling their eyes out with sadness. I didn't get them a new pup after, they were gifted with one, a very cute one which we had taken care of since then, vaccines and all to be completed.

  2. ooohhh...sad nga! naiimagine ko na lang sya nung ondoy...

    ang cute ni rabbit! :)

  3. Hay naku, Sheng, parvo is a real killer, saka yung isa, distemper. Kaya when I got Kelly, complete shots kaagad.
    KG, medyo nakakatawa sya nung Ondoy kasi all wet and shivering. Buti na lang I woke up; otherwise might have gotten so soaked.

  4. i imagine bunny heaven as this really cute place with all the bunnies flopping around... and your white pet holding court in one corner munching on something :).

    i didn't think you would actually grieve this much for him.

  5. Onyxx, I didn't either, pero napamahal na sya sa amin/akin.


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