Friday, February 04, 2011


Sharkteeth:    Mymy, I'm going to get your autograph...
Mymy:               Okay.
Sharkteeth:    What's your name?
Mymy:               Ellen Ganda.
Sharkteeth:    I only need your name, not the adjective.

Kasi naman, feelingera ang lola nyo eh.


  1. anak talaga ng copyeditor! alam ang adjective! clap clap!

  2. LOL on this! I love your daughter! We can be very good friends, hehehe!

  3. christine12:17 AM

    hehehe. i can only imagine what sam's capable of when she becomes a tweener! kung ako sayu, beware!!!! hehehe.

  4. Hay naku, Sheng, not LOL when you're on the receiving end of her one-liners!
    KG, they were asked to write a mini-essay full of adjectives and I suggested a lot to describe me---sexy, alluring, beautiful, etc.---sinimangutan lang ako!!!
    Christine, sinabi mo pa. Kaya she said she wants to be a lawyer paglaki nya, I kinda believed na possible.


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