Sunday, February 01, 2009

Frame Coin Purse

A few years back, I bought an Italian leather bag from a Baguio ukay, and while the lining and piping wore down eventually, the leather stayed soft and supple. I loathe to part with the leather (a pack rat, remember?) so I kept it and figured I might make something out of it when inspiration strikes. Well, as I was cleaning up, or rather, moving one piece of junk to another container, I saw my ruined frame coin purse.

So there, inspiration struck and I set out to make a coin purse. There's a link in NotMartha, but I couldn't find it anymore. Between the two types of leather pieces left, I chose the crocodile skin, or at least, it looks it came from a croc. First, I took off all the pieces of the old coin purse. Then I cut the croc leather so it would fit the frame, and I sew the sides and bottom. I didn't bother adding a lining; I actually like seeing the inner, almost suede-like part of the leather. Then I fitted the leather in the frame and hammered it without mercy. There. Quite simple.

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  1. this is a nice way of recycling old (relatively speaking) things into useful items. and also some sort of training for you future business hmmm?


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