Sunday, February 01, 2009

Review: City Travel Hotel

This is a late post.

A month before our sort-of-annual Baguio escape, I called Hotel Veniz, where we usually stay when we are in the city, to book for a room, and as TheHusband predicted, it was already fully booked. I tried other hotels, but to no avail. Apparently, most lowlanders took advantage of the so-freaking-long holiday. So rather than going to Baguio without a hotel reservation and risk sleeping on the cold, cold streets, I booked on the single place we called with an available room, City Travel Hotel, which actually charges more than Hotel Veniz. After paying the reservation, I sent them a copy of the payment through e-mail, but it took me several SMS, emails, and long-distance calls before I got a confirmation. I mean, 5 days just to get a confirmation? It should have been a warning sign to me. Anyway, beggars can't be choosy, right? We were disappointed when
we got there because, although clean, the place is starting to look like an old dress, for lack of a better comparison. You know, something like it used to be a very nice classic dress that goes well with any occasion, yet it has seen its days and is now full of pills and lint and the edges are getting frayed...get my point? We paid extra for a view of the Burnham Park, and it was clearly a mistake because the windows of the room do not shut and the hotel, being located at the side of a main road with its parking area at the front, wasn't any refuge from all the the noise (even during midnight) not only because of the passing vehicles but also because of the alarm of the vehicles parked in front of the hotel that kept on getting off! Grrrr. According to their website, they offer free WiFi access. Not working. And, oh, the water. In the two nights we stayed there, hot water was available only once, yes, only ONCE. Lest you forget, Baguio + December = brrrrrr. We couldn't find another room or another hotel so we stayed for another night. Fools, we were. By the third day, we couldn't take it anymore, well, plus the fact that we were able to find another hotel. Thank goodness.

To sum it up, we wouldn't go back to this hotel nor recommend it to friends. To enemies, maybe, but even then I would think twice. Saying that it's terrible is unfair, but I certainly wouldn't say that it's an average experience. Totally not value for money and just a shade better than that other rundown place on Session Road, Prime Hotel. Lesson learned: Book early! Plus we're going back to Hotel Veniz. It actually is the best value-for-money hotel near Session Road.

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