Monday, July 28, 2008

Another Yaya Saga

I'm beginning to think my house is standing atop a ginornous block of rose quartz. Remember when my nanny got pregnant by the village electrician? Then I had this other nanny, a 43-year-old widow who got a 30+-year-old boyfriend? And now, here's another yaya saga.

I'm a bit near-sighted and I don't see well in the dark, and I was aghast when I opened our backdoor and I saw a man sitting outside our house, very near the door, in the darkness. I asked him why he was there and he told me that he wanted to talk with my nanny. I immediately closed the door behind me and questioned the yaya. She replied that the guy is the uncle of a cousin. I sensed something fishy and continued to ask, badger, ask, badger, and this went on for a while till she admitted that he used to be her boyfriend back when she was 14. Mind you that this guy came all the way from Negros and worked as a carpenter here in the village so he could continue the relationship that ended 5 years ago. Psycho-stalker alert! But the thing is, our nanny is having none of that. And the guy apparently couldn't take no for an answer. What galled and ticked me off bigtime was that he tried to enter the house forcibly! And my daughter was there! And he even had the temerity to come back skulking in the dark after I asked him to leave! Armed with MACE™, I marched outside (stupid move, I know) and shouted. I even had to call the village security. He's gone for now, but this is really unnerving for me. TheHusband is working nights, and we have yet to buy a gun, and I'm really worried for the safety of the nanny and my daughter. Oh, I can sense a terrible migraine coming.

If only the darned rose quartz is an oil well instead.


  1. Buti pa si yaya, may stalker... he! he!
    Kakatakot naman yun ha! Especially pag si yaya at si Sam lang ang andun sa house nyo...

  2. OMG that is too much. I hope he goes away soon.

  3. that's freaky. i have a feeling that this is not gonna end conveniently. why don't you ask your parents to stay with you for a while? that guy could be a homicidal maniac for all you know

  4. KG, kahabaan ang buhok ng mga nagiging yaya namin.
    Ellen, yeah, way too much drama in the suburbs, and this is me, a Leo, speaking. BTW, the picture of the dahlia is stunning! I used to have a very prolific dahlia years ago.
    Onyxx, soooo freaky! My MIL is already here to the rescue. I know not everybody would agree, but thank God for MILs!

    We already had him barred from entering the village, but I'm still seriously considering spending the money pigeonholed for a laptop to buy a gun and some target shooting classes. I know I'd get some amount of flak, merited or otherwise, for this, but a gun would really give me some semblance of "comfort" and "peace of mind."

  5. nakakaloka to!!!


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