Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Product Review: Ümobile

Yay! I got my Ümobile SIM today. I heard that there used to be some problems in connecting with Globe, but I think it's okay now—I tried calling TheHusband in his Globe line, and it went great. The line is clear and no dropped calls (yet). I have yet to try sending SMS, but gosh, txting is sooo nakakatamad!

So, what makes Ümobile different from the usual provider? Well, they give the SIM for free plus 100 pesos worth of load every month for 6 months and txt messaging is soooo cheap!. How can they do so? Ads, baby! There's no such thing as free lunch, you know.

Sign up now! To those who want an invite, just email me your name and mobile number at ThePseudoshrink [at] Gmail [dot] Com!
Note: This is not a paid advertisement!

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  1. can i offer a testimonial here :). actually i was able to make one call thru this number (thanks!), when i left my phone @ home.

    this is a great offer folks. you should line up for this. sayang din kasi


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