Monday, March 10, 2008

Dress for Sharkteeth: Part 1

Materials and tools I've been trying to finish a dress for Sharkteeth, but when I ran out of thread, I conveniently forgot about the project. So why am I posting this? I'm poUnfinished top partsting this so I'd feel a bit pressured to finish it. So you can remind me, gently, to finish it. Maybe in time for her "moving-up ceremony" on Sunday. Maybe. Maybe not.


  1. Nice blouse for Sam! Meron ka nang back up job! Ako naman project ko ngayon ay lootbags for Wendy's party...hay , pag tinamaan ka naman kasi ng pagka artsy craftsy!

  2. ThePseudoshrink6:59 PM

    Actually, dress yan. Tapos ko na yung palda...di ko na lang napag-connect kasi naubusan ng thread. Hehe, tamad bumili. I'm planning to enroll sana sa next quarter.


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