Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Bb Pilipinas World 2008

I'm shooting from the hip here.

Yeah, she mangled the English language, but she sure is spunky, and anybody who knows me well enough knows that I love spunk! Please, let's not diss her because of her poor English. Are we really so DUMB to assume that our ability to write and speak (and edit) in English makes us intellectually better than those who couldn't? Ha? Ano 'kamo? Di nya sinagot yung tanong? Well, she got overwhelmed by her unnecessary desire and need to express herself in English, that's all. The crowd did not help her any with the booing, and she showed that she's better than all of them, bad English and all, by keeping her poise and being sincere. And those are the exact things that made her win---poise and sincerity.

Hire a translator though during the pageant...hmmm.


  1. The defender of the universe strikes again! Ay...more like the defender of the malditas and matatapangs, aka the Britney Spears and Heart Evagelistas of the world! :)

  2. ThePseudoshrink6:52 PM

    Uhmmmm...maldita and matapang, Britney and Heart? Baka naman you mean ditz and ditzier? Hehehe.
    Hay, naku...kasi naman, sobrang disparaging yung mga comments sa YouTube. As in! Mega-pintas pa yung iba sa English nung contestant/winner using very broken English din. Pot, meet kettle; kettle, meet pot!

    Anyhoo, I'm sure wala kang magiging ganyang problema kay Wendy! Congrats. You must be a very proud mama!

  3. marius10:09 PM

    Oh my Godness, why is she won Miss World if her answer is the baddest ever. I mean, duhhhh! As if ... the question is the most easiest of all the question to make answer too. And guys, you have to make foriveness to her English, coz she's not like us with fluentness. But however, irregardless, still, she's the most beautiful of the girls are. I thank you. :)

  4. Anonymous10:08 PM

    Whatever! She's still a bobita in my eyes.

  5. Marius, ikaw pa rin ang number 1!

    Anonymous, be that as it may, she won, and I'm sure you didn't.


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