Monday, March 10, 2008

Mangoes and Lemons: The Twins

Sharkteeth: Mymy, buy me lemons, please.
ThePseudoshrink: Lemons? Are you sure? Maasim yun. [They're sour].
Sharkteeth: Oo, Mymy, lemons. Yung yellow. Yung ganito. [Yes, Mymy, lemons. It's yellow. Gesturing something with her hands.]
ThePseudoshrink: There aren't any lemons at this hour!
Sharkteeth: Mymy, lemons! Lemons! The yellow fruit! It's like this! It's like this. [Again miming some effin' things with her hands even my Charades grand champion colleague wouldn't be able to guess. Growing exasperated by the minute.] Lemons, Mymy. Lemons!
ThePseudoshrink: Anak, no matter how many times you repeat "lemons," we won't be able to find one at this hour. Tomorrow na lang.

Next morning...
TheHusband: I have some mangoes for you.
Sharkteeth: Mymy, 'yan yung pinabibili ko kagabi. [Mymy, that's what I've been asking you to buy for me last night.]
ThePseudoshrink: You were asking for lemons last night.
Sharkteeth: Mangoes. Mangoes! NOT LEMONS. MANGOES! MANGOES! MANGOES! It's yellow!
ThePseudoshrink: Uh-huh.


  1. Charade grand champion colleague here. Don't be so sure about that. The combined forces of Ven and Tsokoholik are unbeatable. Sched us a session with Sharkteeth, and we'll name her gestures in no time. :)

  2. thepseudoshrink7:01 PM

    She was so exasperated when I couldn't guess what she was miming. Yah, probably, sa teamup nyo, kakayanin. My Charades skill has always been rudimentary.

  3. at least she got the color right :)


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