Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Batshit Crazy

I got a much-awaited email yesterday (has something to do with my previous post) and immediately forwarded it to my boss, along with a not-so-nice-but-not-overly-snarky comment about the sender. My thoughts were on something else when I hit the [send] button, and only after a moment did I realize that I did not hit the [forward] button in the first place, but the [reply] one. Ooooopppps. Too late. And this was the precise moment when I got batshit crazy! I must have scared my boss a little (he might even have regretted hiring me in the first place! hahaha!) when I barged into his office, my hair all frizzy, uncombed, and unkempt (just got to work, opened email first), my arms flailing around like Heidi Montag singing Higher, and with my power of speech taking a leave of absence and all that got out from my mouth were graaaaaaaaachhh baaaaaaahh whheeeeeeeeeekkk, which kinda makes a sheep more coherent than me.


  1. This is why I was so scared to use Outlook when I first got an e-mail account @ the office ;)

  2. Hay, you should have seen me---crazier than ever. As in namutla ako! Re Outlook, should you change your mind about your email, snarky comments, change of heart, whatever, you can retrieve the email as long as it's not yet read by the recipient.


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