Thursday, January 31, 2008

I Heart Adverbs!

'Twas a terribly, horribly, freakingly fucking day at work!
No one to blame but myself though.

Tangent thought: I made a cup of cottage cheese last weekend. Cool, right?


  1. came to you via not martha comments page. you have the same name as me and when i commented i noticed your comment with my name underneath. having been out having a few drinks last night i wondered had i gone online and commented and now i cant remember:) love your site:)

  2. That's so funny, Keynoter! I can imagine you going, "Hmmmm...I said that? How many drinks have I had last night?"
    You call your husband "The Husband" too? [Enter Twilight Zone theme...]

    By the way, I love your site more! That painting under recent photo, "Regal," is amazing! It's so beautiful.

  3. Oh thanks. Yeah, I like it too. It's 3.5ft x 2.5ft pretty big:) I have you on my google reader now:)

  4. thepseudoshrink10:39 PM

    I went to your art gallery and saw your other works. Everything is amazing!

    I have a friend who paints,, and his paintings are so soulful. I hope you can visit his site. Photography is his current thing, but take a look at his archives.


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