Thursday, February 07, 2008

Huwag N'yong Basahin, Corny!

TPS: [praying with Sharkteeth] Sana po gumaling na si Sharkteeth, di bale na pong ako ng magkasakit, huwag lang po si Sharkteeth.
[Please make Sharkteeth well. I don't mind getting sick, as long as it's not Sharkteeth.]
Sharkteeth: [prolonged gasp] Mymy, nooooo! Ayoko kang magkasakit. Love kita.
[Mymy, nooooo! I don't want you to get sick. I love you.]

Haaaaay, I love her so.

Tangent thought: During our wedding, when the priest asked my husband if he takes me as his lawfully wedded wife, yadda,
yadda, yadda, TheHusband seemed so spaced out that he did not answer immediately and I had to nudge (more like elbowed!) him, and only then was he able to answer (correctly, if I may add). Either that or he was having cold feet. Mwahahaha! Too late.


  1. i hope sharkteeth is ok. is she still in the hospital?

  2. ThePseudoshrink10:51 PM

    Yup, okay na sya. She wasn't hospitalized, but we brought her just the same. You know how mothers get so paranoid pagdating sa ganyan. If you don't believe me, go ask Baduday! Diba, Trish?

  3. supladitagirl11:28 PM

    Give my love to the li'l gurl!

  4. ThePseudoshrink9:05 PM

    Of course, supladitagirl! Miss na kita, bruk! When are you going home? Parang wala ka nang balak ah.


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