Sunday, December 02, 2007

Magnolia: All Heart!

I'm the least sports-oriented person in the whole world, perhaps, even the universe. But tonight, only tonight, I watched a game awestruck by, well, the "heart" shown by the Magnolia team. With Talk & Text ahead by 20 points in the second quarter and ahead most of the time, Magnolia rallied and fought fiercely, valiantly, all heart, and in the last second of the game, with the teams tied, Magnolia scored 3 points, winning the game. This is what sports, and perhaps, life, is about! Fighting till the very end. I love happy endings.


  1. Tricia12:10 AM

    I watched a similar game last December 8, championship game of our SBU (yours previously) versus another one. The other team was so strong and the game was a close one. Brought popcorn with me but it was too tense I didn't take a bite. Na-miss ko kayo nila Golda. The crowd was few, dinaan nalang namin sa lakas ng sigaw. We won by one point. It was also all heart : )

  2. ThePseudoshrink11:54 PM

    I miss _ _ _ basketball! Remember nung dati, when the games were held in the court at the back of the main building? Ang tindi ng audience "participation," diba? `Twas impossible not to be carried away! Bakit nga hindi nakalaro si Suerte nung championship dati? Hehehe! The horse must have whispered something, I just can't remember dee do dee do


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