Sunday, December 02, 2007

Stupid Then, Pathetic Now

I initially wanted to post something about the Manila Pen "siege," but I posted a comment in Onyxx's blog, which, only upon posting, did I realize was sooooo long, it might as well be a primary post. So I'll just link to it. You'll have to forgive me, though, as I was having a verbal diarrhea and not coherent at all. Additional points: What's with Trillanes et al and their thing for posh hotels? And to the soldier ( Faeldon?) in curly wig, WTF?!! Why not a black ski mask or something more, uhmmm, appropriate? Hay, naku, look the part naman! Isa kang sundalo, hindi komedyante.


  1. onyxx2:36 PM

    i was browsing through some blogs re trillanes et al.'s comedy skit over @ the Manila Pen. what really set me off laughing was the text messages featured in one blog:

    - one of them suggested that trillanes (burgis kasi) ought to try staging his show in a tyangge or a 7-11 setting. at least pang-masa daw.
    - kaya daw nag walk out sina trillanes & lim sa hearing nila kasi naubusan daw sila ng ticket sa concert ni Akon.
    - kaya nagdisappear bigla si faeldon sa Manila Pen kasi gusto daw manood ng conceert ni Piolo hehehe *cough, cough*

  2. ThePseudoshrink6:14 PM

    Mwahaha! I really like the third reason, Onyxx! So, menage a trois na sila nina Papa Sam? Oooopppss, gays, este, guys, joke lang! Please don't sue me. Kidding ever! Or not. Bahala na kayong mag-isip.

  3. Are you in the Philippines? I lived in Cebu for four years. Lovely place

  4. thepseudoshrink10:46 PM

    Yes, Keynote, by good or bad fortune, I'm from the Philippines. Hahaha. TheHusband is a Cebuano, but I've been there only once. I'm glad you find it a lovely place, for it indeed is. It has the amenities of Manila but with less pollution and more relaxed atmosphere. Quite a long way from Ireland!


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