Thursday, December 13, 2007

Four Going on Twenty

Note that this is a verbatim transcription of my conversation with Sharkteeth, my 4-year-old progeny.
ThePseudoshrink: Hay, si Deden nag-iwan na naman ng gamit na cottonbuds sa ibabaw ng table.
Sharkteeth: Sige, MyMy, kakausapin ko nga 'yang si Deden mamaya at pagsasabihan.
[ThePseudoshrink: Oh my, your father again left dirty cottonbuds on the table.]
[Sharkteeth: Okay, MyMy, I'll have a word with Deden later and scold him.]


  1. onyxx7:16 PM

    ahem... sharkteeth a brother or a sister. maybe being surrounded by grown-ups is making her grow up faster?

  2. Oh, she doesn't want a brother! Her "instruction" was quite explicit: "I want a baby sister, NOT a baby brother!" Yes, Onyxx, that's probably it, being surrounded by grown-ups. Either that or antipatikah ever lang talaga. Or both...


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