Sunday, December 20, 2015

Goodbye, Dear D

Almost a week ago, my dear friend D died. She was one of the kindest and classiest ladies I've known. Always gracious, quick-witted, and kind. Much as I want to pay tribute to her through this blog, I would rather not because, despite D being a blogger, she has always valued privacy and detested calling attention to herself. But let me tell you, her passing left a hole on this earth, in this universe, that seems impossible to fill.

Goodbye, dear D. You can dance ballet again.


  1. I wish I hadn't stayed away from the blogging world for a year. That's a year I could've spent exchanging comments with her.
    You're right, she really was the kindest and the classiest. And I'll miss her dearly. It's strange - I don't even know what she looks like, but I still feel like I lost a friend. I hope you're hanging in there, Ms. TPS.

    1. Thank you, Amelie. I still couldn't believe she's gone. Everywhere there's a reminder of her -- sometimes, I see an interesting, funny, or downright absurd link and I start writing her an email only to realize she won't be replying anymore. Ever.

      I remember her mentioning you before and I tried to leave a comment on your blog, to let you know of her passing, but I can't seem to log to my Wordpress account.


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