Friday, September 11, 2015

Ghost Month Extravaganza

Warning: A lot of whining up ahead.

Sabi ghost month daw from August 14 to September 12.

From Wikipedia:
As the ghosts and the suffering spirits will come out from the hell to visit their homes during the 7th lunar month (the ghost month), many things should be avoided during this month including the ghost day.
1. Don't stroll at night. Guilty.
2. Don't swim. It is said that drowned evil ghosts might try to drown people in order to find victims for them to rebirth. Guilty. Thankfully, hindi kami nalunod.
3. As the month is considered to be inauspicious, don't move to a new house, start new businesses or marry.
4. Don't hang clothes outside at night. Guilty.
5. Do not pick up coins or money found on the street and if one does, never bring any home.
6. Do not step on or kick the offerings by the roadside. If one were to step on any offerings by accident, he or she should apologize aloud to ameliorate the situation.
7. Do not wear red because ghosts are attracted to red. Guilty.
8. Don't sing and whistle as these may attract ghosts. Guilty. Kahit hindi ghost month, pag kumanta ako, maglalabasan talaga lahat ng multo.
9. Keep away from the walls as it is believed that ghosts like sticking to walls.
10. If someone is born during the ghost month, avoid celebrating birthday at night. It's better to celebrate during the daytime. Guilty

 Kyeber lang. Hindi naman ako superstitious. 

Episode 1: After we came back from Manila, sunod-sunod kaming nagkasakit. First, TheHusband. Next, Sharkteeth. Grand finalé, yours truly. To think fully vaccinated ang entire Team KoKo against the flu, well, except TheDog.

Kyeber lang talaga. Hindi ako superstitious. 
Episode 2: Three joybidders and three complete a**hole buyers in Ebay. I was supremely peeved. Ikukwento ko na lang ito in another post solely devoted to my (good and bad) Ebay experiences.
Hmmmm...not so kyeber anymore...could it be true?

Episode 3: My freelance client is cutting outsourcing by half. It took me by surprise and I was so shaken -- to the core. You might think I'm being overly dramatic (again!), but you have to consider that they pay well and are very consistent in sending me work and that I have a very good relationship with my production editor/contact. In short, mahirap humanap ng ganyan na client. The client emailed me minutes later, saying I won't be affected by the cut. Which didn't comfort me much. For me, it's a cold reminder that all this work is fleeting. All the world is fleeting, if I might add. Boom! Anyare? A simple email brought out not only pragmatic concerns but philosophical as well, and I don't like thinking philosophical (and existential) thoughts -- they make me sad and I was downtrodden for days.
Teka lang ha...parang naniniwala na talaga ako sa ghost month eklavu na yan.

Episode 4: When the weekend came, TheHusband got ill, and upon checkup, he was admitted due to dehydration. His stomach was cramping so much and his temperature very high. We all slept in the hospital, which was not comfortable at all and I woke up all sore. Thankfully, he was discharged last Tuesday.
*Kapit lang, TPS.* Teka, teka, teka, si TheHusband ang may sakit, yet ako pa ang mas emote. Hehehe. Me, me, me, me, me. *Glad you're well na, TheHusband!*

Episode 5: But no, it ain't over till it's over. On the morning of our last day in the hospital, I briefly went home to get Sharkteeth's stuff for school, and on my way back, TheHusband and Sharkteeth called me, saying that S's schoolbag got wet. I was wondering why they had to call me for that and I snappishly replied, "Eh di ilipat nyo ang gamit sa ibang bag." Well, pagdating ko sa hospital room, I understood. The entire room was flooded with ~1 inch of water. S was under the shower for about 30 minutes and the water overflowed. *Anak!!! Hindi eto hotel! Not exactly the time or place for luxurious baths!!!* Basa ang bags! Basa ang chargers! Basa ang laptop! Basa ang shoes! Basa lahat! *I think you need more training, my dear Katara. Water-bending skills aren't learned overnight.*

May isa pang particularly bad na pangyayari, but it's not my story to tell. Needless to say, I was saddened by it immensely. Haaaaay. Saturday, you can't come fast enough. Pagod na pagod na ako.


  1. I don't believe in Ghost Month. Pero nung nabasa ko yung no. 5, medyo kinabahan ako! Nakapulot kasi ako ng piso nung isang araw. Naniniwala kasi ako sa "finders, keepers." Sana wala naman mangyaring masama sakin until tom. So far, wala naman, maayos ang August namin. Hahaha. :)

    1. LOL! Nagkataon lang siguro sa akin.

  2. Nalaman ko lang ung about sa August Month nung nagsstart akong magbasa about stocks. So ngayon ko lang nalaman tong mga superstitious belief. May sarili pala silang superstitions noh?

    1. Ako this year ko lang din nalaman yan. I wasn't even paying much attention. I think it's not so much as believing superstitions as looking for something, anything to blame for all these not so happy events.

  3. I became aware of the Chinese Ghost Month from reading Chinese-themed novels, and from watching old Chinese films sa Star World hehe!

    Pero ngayon lang ako naging aware sa mga Don'ts na ni-mention mo hehe! What I only avoid doing in the month of August is making investments (i.e. mutual fund deposits). Na-imbibe na sa akin na wag maglabas ng malaking pera pag August, and I think it makes sense kse sa December duon bugbog ang wallet ko haha!

    1. Unfortunately, lakas talaga ng labas ng pera sa amin pag August: two birthdays and major examination (tuition). Oh well, ganyan talaga. When it rains, it pours, whether unfortunate events or bedbathandbeyondblessings. LOL!

  4. Better days ahead! I don't believe in Ghost Month as well. :)

    1. Correct! At the tail end of the so-called Ghost Month, may humahabol pang lungkot, but it's funny how things turn suddenly for the better, and before you knew it, nakakangiti ka na ulit. :)


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