Thursday, February 19, 2015

2015 Feeling PiP Semi-DIY Planner

For the first time in years, I didn't buy a planner. At first, I thought of buying refills for my old planner, but TheHusband implied, or rather led me to believe, that he was getting me a Kate Spade planner. Kasi I manage all our bills, and I saw he charged something sa Kate Spade. So I told him that I already know he was getting me something from Kate Spade for Christmas and I asked if it's the journal I liked. Oo daw. Ako naman, si uto-uto, naniwala kaagad. So hindi na ako bumili ng planner. By the time I realized na hindi planner (it was a Gramercy locket watch, if you're curious), it was a bit late to order refills na, kasi it's coming from Taiwan pa and takes like a month. Although Derdo gave me a mom planner [thank you, Derdo!!!], which I solely devoted to my mommy duties, I still needed something that I can bring along with me everywhere.

TheHusband gave me one of the planners he got last Pasko. I don't wanna sound ungrateful, pero di talaga appealing sa akin ang hitsura nung planner. Sorry. I mean faux ostrich in plastic? So not me. I want it flamboyant! Colorful! Bright! Happy! Not brown. In short, KSP.

No recourse but to DIY the "prettification." I downloaded this charming PiP wallpaper and printed it on a textured low-grammage board. I used a low-density paper because I'm retaining the original cardboard cover of the planner and I don't want the extra weight or bulk. Unfortunately, it can only cover the front part of the planner, but it's okay, I can live with that. I used another piece of textured board for the back cover. I then pasted them together over the planner's cardboard cover using contact cement (rugby). I didn't want to use water-based glue, as it might seep into the paper board and ruin the print. Hayun, amoy-rugby yung planner pagkatapos.*High*

I first mitered the corner of the cover to remove extra bulk, then proceeded to round them out using my ever-trusty Carl corner rounder to go with the rounded corners of the pages. Seriously, it's one of my most favorite crafting tools, along with my hammer-on punchers, super-cheap self-healing cutting mat, and Carl and Fiskars cutters.

I then covered it with iron-on flexible vinyl. It was a flea market find, and I hoped there would be more rolls available. Alas, it was the only one. So ngayon, tipid na tipid ang gamit because I'm reserving the rest for another project. I then covered the inside with another low-grammage board, but non-textured this time. I first folded it into two and cut its sides (except the side attached to the spine), but a bit smaller in dimension (by ~2 mm) than the cover. Then I attached one of the folded leaf to the inside cover. I did the same for the other cover.

It looked bubbly at first, but when I ironed it over, it molded itself to the texture of the paper.

So here's the finished product. I'm so happy how it turned out. Happier still that I didn't have to buy a planner.

et voila!

PS: I promised Baan that I'd post this last night, but I had my annual eye checkup yesterday, and the doctor did a further test, a test that involved dilating my pupils. So for about four to five hours yesterday afternoon till the evening, my eyesight was blurry and the lights seemed to glare harshly. Back in the doctor's office, it seemed okay, but going home, it felt a bit disconcerting. Sus, ang haba ng paliwanag ko. Punta na nga lang ako sa presinto. :)


  1. Eto na!!! I knew meron pa talaga mas mahabang istorya behind the IG post mo. Grabe! I'm sooo in love with the design at colors nya. Sayang, this came late na kase I bought planner na din pero last week of January na yata bcoz I cannot find a planner na talagang "swak" sa akin (spell, kaartehan! hahaha).

    Actually, inaabangan ko nga talaga this post of yours pero I know that you're busy and all. Sana naman okay na okay na ang eyes mo.

    Ganun pa man, kahit nakabili na ako planner, meron na ako naisip na paggagamitan ko sa DIY na ito, I'm thinking sa journal ko, hmmmm.

    Well, this is sooo worth the wait =) Thanks for sharing, E!
    I super super super like this DIY of yours.

    1. DM mo sa akin sa IG ang email mo and I'll send you the link sa PiP picture na ginamit ko. So vibrant kasi ng colors and magandang wallpaper sa PC and phone.
      Wala na yung effect nung dilator, but I have to do further tests next week. Uggghhhh. So not looking forward to it.
      Go, prettify it na! I might make bookmarks out of it kasi I really like the print.

  2. You are so creative! :)
    ONga naman, mas okay kaysa sa brown. hihi!
    BUt you husband is so thoughtful.

    1. Thank you, Kit Kat. Brown is just so...bleh. Chocolate lang ang brown na gusto ko, or occasionally, bags...

  3. Super nice naman ng print na yan! At ang ganda ng effect after mo sya ma-iron, ha! Good job, TPS! :)

    1. Thank you, Edel.
      Yes, dumikit kasi dun sa texture yung vinyl cover. If only easily available yun dito -- the possibilities are endless.

  4. wow nice! parang gusto ko tuloy halungkatin mga old planners ko na wala pang sulat.


    1. Go na. Sarap mag-DIY ano?


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