Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Ang Papa, Mga Papa, And Everything In Between

May papal high pa ba kayo? Ako, almost back to normal programming na. (Ang Rappler, parang hindi pa. Hehehe.) I only watched the youth encounter ('cause, you know, I'm young, hehehe) in UST and the pope's, and his entourage's, departure, which brought me a tinge of sadness, dunno why.

It's remarkable how the visit of the pope, which brought millions of people together, unwittingly became an object of discord. After a former colleague posted some particularly biting criticism about the arrival of the pontiff, the Internet bit back (which is an understatement) and gave him the electronic equivalent of fire and brimstone.

Honestly, I wasn't surprised naman sa sinabi nya, in fact, when I saw the screencap of his infamous statement, I just shrugged my shoulders. Although, I admit, kahit nakakahiya, at the start of the brouhaha, I did have some "fun" about it. Alam naman siguro ng lahat how I love, ehem, "information" (read: gossip -- naku! magagalit ang pope sa akin), and pinag-chismis-an talaga namin ng mga friends and former officemates ko. Pero as the day, and the weekend, progressed, palala na ng palala -- it got posted in a number of websites, including Fashionpulis and PEP. *Shudder* Hateful Facebook sites were made for him as well. *Double shudder* There were death threats and ugly words. *Triple shudder*

Like I said, it's the Internet's version of fire and brimstone.

I guess, along the way, he rubbed some people the wrong way, whether coworkers or friends, and some did get some joy over his difficult situation. Schadenfreude. It's something I completely understand. We're humans, we have our frailties. If my enemies would derive joy from my difficulties (and, boy, one/some really did, LOL!), I would understand. Surely, it will both sadden and anger me, but I will understand and perhaps even respect, however grudgingly.

But you know what I don't understand? The people who posted their vitriol in the comment sections -- people hiding behind their anonymity, with not enough balls to tie a name to their [hateful] message. People who know not a thing about him yet passing judgment about him. People making fun of his weight. People who wished for his misfortune, his death, his downfall. Those indignant people, thumping their chest, contradicting his, daresay, hateful message with the same level of hate, if not more. Those who passive-aggressively implored for prayers for his soul yet said hateful words in the same breath. Good mother of ironies! What a great study on society and morality this could be.

I hope the pope's message of mercy and compassion, along with his humility, makes an impact not just on the millions of people who sacrificed and sweated to see him but also on bashers and cyberbullies. Admittedly, cynicism brings out the worst in me, making me bitter and critical, but seeing his humility and his bravery in accepting that there are things he doesn't comprehend either reminds me to be gentler to myself and others. 

Uuuuuuy, serious. Hehehe.

On lighter news...have you seen the very "papable" papal contingent? Teka, meron pa bang hindi nakapansin sa kanila? If hindi pa, go, head over to Chuvaness' comprehensive list. LOL! All that dizzying pulchritude. Whew. However, it's a travesty, I tell you, that the pope's interpreter wasn't included in that list. Msgr. Miles, the interpreter, is just so easy on the eyes! And with the perfect voice to match. How many languages does he know, by the way? Ma-review nga uli ang Spanish ko. *Perdóname, padre, porque he pecado...*

Dreamboat much, Msgr. Miles? JOWKE!!!
Source unknown
Isama pa yung mga Swiss guards. Papahuli ba yung UST seminarian? Guapo na, talented pa. Teka, para naman akong cougar. Also notable is Father Felloni, who serves in Caloocan and can give some models a run for their money.

Again, forgive me, Father, for I have sinned. *And babe, mas guapo ka dun, all of them combined.*

Oh, napansin nyo may UST lanyard and ID ang pope?

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You know why? Aside from UST being a pontifical university, strict ang guards dun. Talagang "no ID, no entry"! Hehehehe.


  1. Voice of God ang tawag namin ni Edwin sa interpreter ni Pope. Ang ganda naman kasi ng boses nya! Tapos ang ganda rin ng mensahe ni Pope, so talagang winner. Nakakakilabot in a good way. Sino yang former colleague na yan, wala ka ba link sa story nya? Hehe. Sana good vibes na lang lagi, andami kasing bitter sa mundong ito, online or otherwise. :)

  2. I really like the Pope's message about family and compassion, and as I mentioned earlier, his humility.
    Re Msgr Miles, I heard him speak in Spanish. Swoon.
    Yung kwento ko, I'm sure nabasa mo yan online.

  3. I'm interested sa background ni Msgr. Mark Gerald Miles. Ang alam ko lang he was from Gibraltar. The face, intelligence and the eloquence, kung lalaki ako, maiinis ako sa kanya. Kinuha na niya lahat eh!!! Not like MR (password protected), the face, skin, body.. ktnxbye (ampalaya siterhood hahaha) Truth to be told, he's another reason kung bakit hindi ko nilubayan ang coverage.

    Had I discovered na they stayed in Benilde eh, nag-apply ako na chambermaid charot hahaha

    As for the haters and commenters, I'm sure the Pope will never feel bad about them. So who I am to judge? (Sh^t hugot pa more hahaha)

  4. Masyadong sparse ang data kay Msgr. Miles. Wala bang counterpart ang LinkedIn para sa mga pari? Kasi hirap na hirap na ako kaka-Google. Saka konti lang pics nya. I think more than his looks, it's his intellect that shines through. Grabe ha?! I'm waxing poetic!

    Naku, dear Diane, buti na lang wala ako sa Manila. Baka napasugod at sa UST.

    Hahahaah! Chambermaid talaga?! Hahaha! Na-imagine na kita.

    I'm sure, ang Pope, kebers lang.

    1. Baka nga hindi pa ako pumasang chambermaid... walang looks teh, magtanim na lang daw ako ng ampalaya

      kahit pictures nya i-google ko eh waley masyado... hindi kasi siya pinasikat ng media

  5. Hahahaha! Ano ba requirements sa chambermaid?

    Dapat pasikatin sya. Dapat may post si Chuvaness na solely for him. Dapat may kasamang videos or mp3 nya speaking in all the languages he knows, reciting "50 Shades of Grey", ganun. Hehehe. Perdóname, padre, porque he pecado...baka tamaan ako ng kidlat.

    1. maganda at payat! ktnxbye... nasaktan ang overweight BMI ko

      one of those rare times i regret escaping my spanish elective.. tinakasan ko talaga, nagpumilit ako ng ibang elective

    2. Hahahaha! Parang salepersons sa Linea Italia, ganun?

      Nung unang panahon, sa UST, hindi elective ang Spanish. Sapilitan. Pero di ako natuto. Barely made it. Naawa lang yata teacher ko.

  6. Hahaha nabasa ko rin dati ang nagpost tungkol sa mga contingent ng Papa. I admit I Googled one of them. Hehe :D

    1. Which one specifically? Dish! ;)


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