Thursday, July 10, 2014


When I picked up Sharkteeth sa school kanina...

Sharkteeth: Mymy, you know how much E's bank savings is? 36,000 pesos!!!
TPS: See? He knows how to save. You should learn how to save your baon.
Sharkteeth: I think I have a mental illness...
TPS: Hah? What kind?
Sharkteeth: Spend-icitis.


Don't ask me why or how pero na-LSS si S ng Bubble Butt song. I know, I know, but as a mom, I can only do so much, right? Well, that's not really the point of this exchange.

Sharkteeth: Just what is a bubble butt? 
TPS: [being clueless] I dunno. Maybe you should put some soap on your butt then you fart and make bubbles.
Sharkteeth: Maybe I should try that.
TPS: Yes, and I will take a video.
Sharkteeth: Noooooooo!!! Okay, but don't post it on Facebook.
TPS: I won't. Sa Instagram na lang. Hahahahaha!
Sharkteeth: I'll report you to the police. No nudity allowed. Oh, no na lang. They might arrest you and you will get imprisoned. [pregnant pause] But if you are imprisoned, I can go and check out all the stuff you have in your room. Should I or shouldn't I? Hmmmmm...[sabay stroke ng chin]


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