Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Flatlining! 360 Joules! Stat!


It's that time of the year again, dear parents. Enrollment season. Last time I checked, DearWallet is still in the ICU and is comatose. The prognosis is bad. Projected recovery is October pa. Hay.

While the tuition fee is lower this year, school expenses shot up because of the school's migration to ebooks. While paper books are still an option, TheHusband and I figured there's no point in stalling. Besides, it's a lot of weight off Sharkteeth's back, literally. Nagkakandakuba yun sa pagbubuhat ng books. So off I purchased an iPad. Pikit-mata! Ang mahaaaaaal. I hope S will take care of it. *Please, please, please, S.*

I'm almost through with the back-to-school shopping, thanks to good ole National Bookstore. She'll be using her Cath Kidston bag, so I don't have to purchase a new bag anymore. Got her shoes when we went to Cebu. Ang daming affordable choices sa Payless! Ang cute pa. These shoes' model is S' namesake. :)

Notebooks na lang ang kulang. Kasi naman, bakit naubos ang Monsters High notebooks sa National Bookstore...sana mag-restock na sila this week.

I used to get so excited going back to school because it meant new bags, new shoes, new everything, and I love the smell of books covered with plastic. S, however, isn't particular with those things. It doesn't matter to her if I don't buy her a new bag or a new pencil case and what-nots. But then, unlike me who used to only get those new stuff at the start of schoolyear, S gets new things throughout the year, and sometimes I feel that she doesn't really fully appreciate them as much as I did when I was a student. I hope that with me trying to lessen our frivolous purchases, I would be able to teach her the value (and "nonvalue") of things.


  1. The conversion to e-book, hay ang sakit nyan sa ulo! (I'm speaking as a school employee haha Ang dugo dugo lang naman kasi makipag-transact sa publishers! #NasaPilipinasKasi haha)

    I know one school who opted to take care of everything. Nalurkey ang mga employees especially in handling the technical concerns. If one gadget is malfunctioning, the school has to coordinate with the provider. We learned, so in our case, we let the parents buy. (ang sama ba namen? haha) We just give the specs and set up booths for different resellers during enrollment.

    Pero in the long run, cheaper talaga both for the parents and school. I once said na mas mura ang iPad, kesa naman ipa-convert lahat ng stairs to a ramp kaya! haha

    Natutuwa ako kay S! Pareho tayo ng ugali nung bata pa. ahaha

  2. Yun ang fear ko, yung technical aspect nung migration. I'm sure the first few weeks will be hell. Dito naman, nag-offer ang school ng two options lang: Apple and Samsung. But I opted to buy sa labas kasi I wanted a bigger tablet; puro kasi maliit yung binebenta nila. The books aren't exactly cheaper, parang 50 pesos lang ang difference. Naisip ko, ganun lang ba halaga ng paper and ink? ;)

    LOL! Kerek, mas mura yun kesa ramp. And ngayon baka sakali na tumangkad si S kasi hindi na kabigatan ang buhat-buhat nya.


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