Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday Favorite Five

It has been so long na pala since I've posted a Friday Favorite Five. To think the past two months has been a treat to my shopaholic alter-ego. *There, there, dear wallet, you will recover. You have to. Enrollment na ni Sharkteeth...*

1. Samsung NX Mini camera, ~20K PHP!!! "With a solid premium metal body bound by natural leather-like material, the NX mini is exquisitely modern with just the perfect touch of analogue. It’s simply elegant. With just a quick flip of the 3.0” touch display, your NX mini is on and ready to take the perfect selfie. The touch UI makes it so easy. You can take great selfies while taking in more of the scene around you. Now you have the freedom to capture the perfect you, and remember where you were. From wide-angle to telephoto shots, this lens has got you covered. The 24-73 mm (35 mm format equivalent) has 1 ASP (Aspheric) and 1 ED (Extra Low Dispersion) lens to capture your everyday or travel shots with clarity."

Too long. Didn't read. Hehehe. Aaminin ko, mahilig akong mag-selfie dati, even before the word selfie was included in Merriam-Webster, pero medyo reformed na ako, and it's not the reason why I like this camera. For me, that it takes great photos and looks nice while doing it are enough. I think it's available in mint, pink, white, and brown, but the mint one is PERFECT. It looks vintage-y yet sleek. It's so expensive pa. Sana when my birthday comes, the price is significantly lower na. *ehem, TheHusband, ehem*

  2. Pearl and flower charm necklace. Remember the Jewelmer Recordi Preciozi necklace I posted sometime back? Well, Leah of The Bright Spot, clearly a fan of pearls and jewellery, is constantly posting helpful information about pearls, and when she was slated to go to Palawan, I begged her the favor of buying one for me. Leah [happily, I think] obliged (thank you, Leah!!!) and bought me this ~13x15 mm white pearl with slightly pinkish hue. It goes perfectly with the pink charm, on the center of which I studded a flower diamond earring that lost its twin. Nice, right?! Now all I need is a chain.

PS Leah is selling a string of golden saltwater pearls over Ebay. It's gorgeous. Too bad, it's enrollment season, i.e., wala akong pera. I'm sure the winner of that auction will be so happy. #InggitAko :)

3. Marc Jacobs pear watches. I love Marc Jacobs. He has the most adorable clothes, bags, shoes (hello, mouse shoes!), and accessories. I heard his makeup line is great as well, but I haven't tried it yet. His clothes have the right amount of cute and quirkiness. I know, I know, if I want quirky clothes, Tsumori Chisato is the queen of quirk, but this ghel is a thandercat na -- baka di na bagay sa akin ang ganun ka-quirky. Marc Jacobs, meanwhile, has just the perfect level of quirkiness to make it interesting. Anyhoo, years back, possibly a decade ago, I was hankering for a Marc Jacobs charm watch, and then in 2011, I chanced upon an auction in Ebay for a brand-new golden pear watch. Fortunately, I won the auction. Happy! :) Then last week, the same seller is selling one again, but this time, it's the crystal-studded pear. Bid-won-paid-delivered. Bling, hello! I love them both, truly.

Slightly off-topic: I used the ever-trusty sniper tool, Gixen. I usually use Gixen when an auction has a number of bidders and if the auction is ending at a god-forsaken hour. Honestly, I have been promoting Gixen less than I should because I'm an Ebay seller myself, but it has been a free ride all these years and it's time to give something back to the developer. Thank you, Mario!

4. Hello Kitty watch and calculator set. I so wanted this when I was in grade school. Soooo wanted it. But it was so expensive, and no amount of tantrum (bratty, I know) made my parents buy it for me. So you can just imagine my happiness when I saw it on sale in a tiny store selling animé and manga toys and other Japanese miscellanea in Festival Mall in Alabang. Another (shallow) dream come true! It was supposed to be for Sharkteeth, but she doesn't like wearing watches, or accessories for that matter. Anak ko kaya eto? Hmmmm...

5. Philosophy's Amazing Grace shampoo, bath gel, and shower gel. "Amazing Grace fragrance for women is a uniquely feminine blend of soft, floral blossoms accented by a hint of light musk."

I have already professed my love affair with Philosophy's Amazing Grace scent a while back. But it bears repetition. Again. And again. :) I got this from their relatively newly opened store in Megamall. When I got this back in April, I think I was the first customer of the day, and pretty much the only one at that moment. They have a very nice store, which even has a clawfoot tub on one side where there are tons of Philosophy products. The salesperson was very knowledgeable of the products and was plying me all sorts of, uhm, potions. Hehehe. Not that I needed to be plied -- I would have bought everything in that store, tub included, if I had the money. I got this combination shampoo and bath/shower gel, which is sooooo mabango!!! I only use it at night, para mabango ang gising ko. :) The lady also included a number of samples, which I really appreciate because I was able to sample their BB cream (I like it. Next project na lang.)

Note: In my bid to post regularly, I'm going, or at least try, to post every Friday five of my favorite things. They might be current or past possessions, though others might not be necessarily mine -- could be a wish for my fairy godmother (where are you, by the way?), could be something I saw and found interesting, but it will always be driven by beauty and functionality, hopefully both, but that's a tall order.

Another note: None of these items are ads or sponsored. 


  1. I really looked for this post after going there today. She was about to put BB cream after she subjected me to a facial but said better if she doesn't so I'll see how "wonderful" my skin looks tomorrow sans BB cream. She gave me samples different from yours! Skin care line: toner, moisturizer, sunblock and cleanser. Siguro I obviously need them. Hahaha. Next time, get the free facial. Sarap!

  2. Did she give you the purity something cleanser? I used it religiously before -- I like it but the scent is overpowering. Ang mahal ng sunscreen nila, pero it's very effective and hindi malagkit.


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