Saturday, April 26, 2014

Veronica Mars Movie Nonreview

The recently released Veronica Mars film left me in a bit of conundrum. I mean, I can't choose which Logan Echolls look I like better: in dress whites or him leaning against a car.

*Gasp* *Swoon*  [I know it's summer, but it is just way TOO HOT even in an air-conditioned room.]

"You should only ever wear this, like, ever."
Sagely advice. You listen to her, Logan.

Go on, Logan, lean! Lean like your life depended on it!
Wait, who's Piz again?

But my most favorite exchange is

Logan: Listen, it’s 180 days, Veronica. What’s 180 days to us? Our story is epic. Spanning years. Continents.

Veronica: Lives ruined. Bloodshed.
Logan: Yeah.
Veronica: Come back to me?
Logan: Always.



  1. VM the movie -- so how does it measure to the series? mixed reviews kasi yung lumabas eh :)

    1. I love it. Epic love story. Handsome lead. Still witty lines. Handsome lead. Ay, nasabi ko na pala yun.
      It was made with fans in mind. Madaming references na hindi mag-ge-gets ng hindi nag-follow sa series.


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