Friday, February 14, 2014


Get well, bebe ghel
Last week, Sharkteeth has been complaining of slight dizziness and headaches every afternoon. Come Thursday, she was brought to the school clinic because the dizziness was unbearable. TheHusband brought her to the pedia on Friday, who suspected sinusitis and ordered an X-ray. TheHusband didn't notice that the doctor sent him a text that she's recommending confinement. It was already past 10 pm, and we had no choice but wait till morning. Meanwhile, I was taken aback. I mean, sinusitis, tapos confinement na? Scary, right? Long story short, S was admitted for sinusitis and is currently on her 6th day of antibiotics. Apparently, sinusitis is dangerous because the sinuses are very close to the frontal lobe of the brain. As usual, pahirapan sa paglagay ng IV. It was compounded pa by the number of [student?] nurses watching. Sam was alternately crying and ranting. I think I heard Atty. Ross' name being dropped. [LOL! Ross, prepare for a malpractice suit, may potential client ka.] In the end, after more than an hour, she had to be restrained. Poor bebe. Kung pwede lang na ako na lang ang tusukin nila ng needle.

Thankfully, so far, her stay is uneventful, if not downright boring. Boring is good. She's due to be discharged tomorrow. Buti naman kasi everybody's nerves are frazzled na.  May cabin fever na yata kami. I think this is the longest hospital stay we've ever experienced, and boy, we have so many hospital experiences na. As I was saying to Kumareng Grace, hiyang-hiya naman kami sa tatay nya, who had a heart attack and underwent angioplasty yet was discharged after 4 days. S is raring to go back to school, which is a first, given how school-averse she is. Her teacher visited and S was overjoyed.

Oh, it is already "tomorrow" pala. I can't wait.

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