Monday, February 17, 2014

Family Fun Day

Buns, buns, buns

It was Sharkteeth's school's Family Fun Day yesterday -- fun para sa kids, ewan ko lang sa adults. Ako, bored na bored. I went to visit the rabbits in the garden. They are housed in a huge cage, with burrows for when there are baby "bit-bits."

Anyhoo, Sharkteeth and her super-daldal (I swear, natalo si S sa kadaldalan; I didn't think that was possible) classmate, E, joined me.

Sharkteeth: We used to have two bunnies before. One was killed by the dog, and the other died.
E: You don't have one anymore?
TPS: No, but I would love to have one again.
E: So why don't you?
TPS: My husband doesn't want to because he ends up cleaning the poop.

Eto ang panalong linya. Hold on to your eyeballs lest they pop.

E: Why don't you break up with him then get bunnies? Or have an affair then he'll leave you, then you can have bunnies
TPS:  What the...

Flabbergasted is an understatement. Hahahahahaha! The irony of the statement during FAMILY, emphasis on family, Fun Day seems to be lost on E. And where the heck did he learn such things? Scary thought: S and E are fast friends. What sorts of things does S learn from E? Afraid.

NB: Utang muna ang Friday Favorite Five, ha? Friday na na-discharge si S from the hospital. It was a busy week. I still haven't recharged yet.


  1. haha! Comedy! What does that kid watch on tv???
    Maita @ Mrs. Diaz

  2. Naku, ewan ko nga ba. Minsan, S told me about Piranha 3D that E watched and E told her that [in his exact words] the guy's d*ck was bitten off by the piranha.

  3. I bet this is from TV. Puro third party na ang mga local tv shows lately.

  4. I'm not too sure about that, kasi hindi marunong mag-Tagalog yung batang yun. But it doesn't change the fact that our local shows are indeed centered on the kabit genre.


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