Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Can I Take You Home?

I pinched a branch of malunggay (horseradish, Moringa oleifera) from a tree on my way home. When this little cutie saw me with a branch of leaves on my hand, she promptly left the tuft of grass she was munching on and approached me. Quite a self-possessed little one, she proceeded to munch on my malunggay. After she finished everything, including the actual branch, she smelled my hand and tried to lick it, perhaps hoping I have more. She loves being scratched on the head and ears, but when I tried to leave, she followed me. I was thinking...a few more meters and I can lure her to our house and I can have a pet goat Yay! KID-ding lang. Apparently, there's another malunggay tree near our house and I got a few more branches. I gave some to the mom, and the rest to the cute "goatlet," who can't seem to have enough. I tried to hide a small branch behind my back for my green shake, but when I turned around, she was already nibbling on it. Greedy bugger. Having finished my share, she proceeded to inspect my other hand to see if I'm hiding another branch there. She is so adorable. And her skin is so soft. I wanted to bring her home. Just a few more steps, little cutie. Just a few more. "Step into my parlor," said the spider to the fly...hahahahahahaha! Joke!!!

I miss living in a farm. I grew up with cows, ducks, chickens, cats, pigs, dogs, and rabbits, and I regret that Sharkteeth is missing out on that experience. Our calves were so used to domestic life that they would climb a couple of steps to our kitchen and just barge in. Hahahaha! You'd be eating your breakfast and next thing you know, a baby cow is peering in. I remember crying when it was time for us to sell a was like selling a friend. Because it is that. Hay...come to think of it, it must be a blessing that Sharkteeth doesn't have to experience such heartache.

Just a few more steps, little goatie.

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