Thursday, October 24, 2013


Geckos are quite common here in Dumaguete. I remember seeing one on the tree trunk near Sharkteeth's school canteen. Nagsisigaw talaga ako, much to S's embarrassment.  Pa'no naman, naalala ko yung kwento ng friend ko na nabagsak yung tuko sa braso nya, and they had a hard time prying it off (hence the term kapit-tuko). Anyway, they became frequent visitors in our home, and we've come to tolerate their presence, unless they catch me by surprise, much like what happened last time. S called me, saying there's a gecko near the stairs and that she couldn't go down and that I shoo it off. Then it started crawling toward us -- at which point we yelled so hard, it was difficult to know who was afraid of whom. 

TPS: Anak, I'll take your picture with the tuko for size reference. Bilis, tumabi ka sa tuko!
Sharkteeth: How much?

Tssskkk. Pera-pera na lang ba?


  1. Hahaha, bright idea from Sharkteeth, good thing hindi pa naman ako nasabihan ng mga anak ko ng ganyan, otherwise, I would have told them, how much is your schooling nga? Hahahhaa... Labanan na to!

  2. Medyo wais ang isang eto pagdating sa pera. LOL! Kasi I make her work for her Thea books, kaya for her, every peso counts.


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