Friday, September 27, 2013

Happy Birthday Dear Friend

Today is the birthday of one of my dearest friends. And by "dearest friend" I mean someone you see once in two, three years, even longer, and whom you don't get to chat with as often as you would want yet when you see each other you just pick up from where you left. We used to be dorm mates when I was in college. She was still in high school then. And she tutored me in physics. Terribly embarrassing, right? A college student being tutored in physics by a high school student. Well, I wasn't embarrassed. It's either that or I flunk that damned subject. And besides, she's so very intelligent that I don't find it embarrassing anymore. Saka, hello, desperate times. :) I remember when I was working in Parañaque and she was working in Quezon City, we met for dinner in Pancake House, and we were chatting up a storm and we forgot to pay and they had to chase after us. That, that was embarrassing. Hahahahahaha! 

We sometimes talk about our common interests like design and pretty things. Kate Spade. Books. Oh, by the way, that Barbie cake? She made it herself. So pretty, right?! Her cousin asked if there's anything she can't do. I was thinking the same thing. She's beautiful, intelligent, creative, a very good dancer (so jealous, by the way), a very good wife, mom, daughter, sister, homemaker, and friend, and she's doing all these while having a career. You're a superwoman! You're the impossibly cool sister I never had. Happy birthday, dear M.

*Sorry, I stole your picture.


  1. Happy Birthday, M, whoever you are!

  2. That's a pretty cake. Belated happy birthday to your friend. :)

  3. Diba? It's so pretty talaga. I shouldn't be amazed anymore kasi I know how incredibly talented she is, pero I still do. :)

  4. Oh, thank you both nga pala! :)


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