Monday, August 12, 2013


I usually pick up Sharkteeth around 5 pm, and I usually find her on the front steps of the school auditorium hanging out with her high school friend. Her high school friend, G, is an artist, and Sharkteeth is in awe of her and frequently watches her sketch. But yesterday was different. S wasn't there, though her things are. Then I saw G, and she said that she hasn't seen S. Uh-oh. Praning pa naman ako. Especially with that recent case of rape-slay of a little girl not far from our home. So hinanap ko. Ikot ako sa elementary, sa canteen, sa basketball court. Waley. Balik na naman ako sa auditorium. Balik na naman ako sa elementary, akyat ako sa classroom. Saw the teacher of the other section. Kanina pa daw na-dismiss. Haaaayyyy naku. Tapos there were very few students na. Balik na naman ako sa auditorium. Ikot na naman ako. Lather-rinse-repeat. Eh napakalaki ng grounds ng school na yun. It looks unimposing sa harap, pero jusko, sa likod eh napakalawak. Parang yung handbag lang ni Hermione -- may expandable charm. Punta naman ako sa clinic. I was thinking na baka nasa clinic and they sent me a text, eh I left my phone at home. Wala din. Kung ano-ano nang scenarios na ang nasa isip ko, each scene more gory than the previous one. (What did I tell you? I'm a fountain of sunshine and optimism! Hahahaha!) So balik na naman ako sa elementary. Her class adviser last year saw me and asked why I was still there, eh parang 5:40 na nun. Eh yung adviser nya, sanay na kasi last year, nawala din si S, and we looked for her. Turned out may kalaro dun sa may hall sa far end ng school. She suggested I check out the same place, eh wala talaga. So balik na naman ako sa auditorium. Ayun, biglang may, "Mymy! Mymy! I'm here!" All bright and smiling. Whew. I was so angry I wanted to yell at her, yet I was so relieved at the same time. Hay, she went to the high school building and played there with her classmate-friend. Naku naman...I was already at my wit's end.

This reminds me of the time when I went to my Kindergarten classmate's home (yes, Kinder pa lang po eh napakalikot ko na at pasaway) to play with her. Unfortunately, her dolls are in the next room. The two rooms are divided by a wooden wall that's open at the top. You know what we did? Yes, yes, we climbed to the next room. We're fortunate na hindi kami nahulog at napilayan. The driver of the school bus thought that I already left and went without me. So past lunch na wala pa ako sa bahay. Ay, na-praning ang parentals. Hinanap ako ni pudrakels sa school. By that time, nakabalik na ako sa school and wala na ang school bus. I don't remember it anymore, but I'm assuming that I was [severely] punished. Apparently, kulang pa ang punishment na yun, and my punishment will come decades later, with Sharkteeth growing grow up more makulit and pasaway than I am. May isa pang episode. Grade 2 na yata ako nun. Some thieves stole the silver curlicued panels sa altar ng church. My friend and I decided to, uhm, investigate. Hayun, naiwan na naman ako ng service. Waley akong pera for the fare. Hindi yun ang unfortunate part. My friend lent me money naman. When we were walking papunta sa jeepney station, I tripped and fell on a sigaan. [sigaan=bonfire(?) used to burn trash.] You think that's the worst part? Think again. I fell on burning egg shells. Up to now, I still have a scar from that bit of ka-chismosa-han. Hahahaha. Hay, kanino pa nga ba magmamana si Kuletsky?

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