Friday, August 30, 2013


August. This is Sharkteeth's month. This is my month. I live for this month (and December, of course -- malapit na Pasko!!!). Yet for some reason (files! files! files!), patapos na ang buwan, ngayon lang ulit ako nag-blog. The month started hectic enough. Of course, Sharkteeth's birthday. We flew to Manila/Bulacan for her birthday celebration. A dear friend and kumare (and her family) from the days of PT yore is in the country for a vacation, and she and her family went to Sharkteeth's pizza party. Her kids are soooo smart, as in! The panganay, my godson (na sandamakmak na ang utang ko), is in the Honors Society (mana sa...ninang? I don't think so. LOL!). And they are both into martial arts. Our Manila visit was so brief, and yet, naisingit ko pa rin pumunta sa SM and Glorietta. I missed going to a "proper" mall. (But, if I may just clarify a bit, although the malls here may not be at par with the malls in Metro Manila in terms of selection, interior design, etc., I have often stumbled on nice finds like Cath Kidston mugs, Roototes, Marks and Spencer ceramic thingies, IKEA, etc., and often at very reasonable, if not downright cheap, prices.)

When we returned, of course, work! work! work! na naman, plus periodical exams ni Sharkteeth. And for two weeks, for two damned weeks, all I got were articles/chapters from non-English-speaking authors. Pag sinuswerte nga naman. I was so exhausted. All I wanted for my birthday was to sleep all day. And that it rains. Rain it did -- in Manila -- and left it flooded and dirty. Hay naku talaga. Naman. Meanwhile, it was sunshiny and breezy here. I didn't have the nerve to post some pictures lest be accused of insensitivity sa mga nasalanta, pero talaga, the weather here was soooo nice. Kung ano iginanda ng weather, kinapangit naman takbo ng trabaho. I don't wanna dwell on it na and I don't wanna complain anymore. I should just be thankful that I have files to work on -- never mind na natuyo yata ang utak ko. I'm looking forward to a Cebu trip next month to compensate for the not-even-barely-relaxing month.

In case you're asking, what's that lemon slice in a cup doing in this post? Wala lang. Cute lang yung composition, at least, I think so. LOL! Actually, it's warm water with lemon juice. Some say that it flushes out toxins or reduces fats or speeds the metabolism. I don't know if it's helping, I'm not seeing any difference. In fact, I was singing Hotdogs' "Beh, Buti Nga" and the conversation with S went like this:

 Me: [singingHaah-um, Haah-um
                               Beh, buti nga, Beh buti nga
                               Ngayon ay bold star na ako 
                               Siguro'y tumutulo ang laway mo 
                               Beh, buti nga, Beh, buti nga 
                               Beh, buti nga, Beh buti nga
                               Ngayon ay seksing-seksi na ako...

Sharkteeth: [looks at me up and down]  Not really...


Anyway, I'll try to post some pics of Sharkteeth's birthday next time. Meanwhile, I'm leaving you with the Hotdogs and Ate Guy. Enjoy!

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