Sunday, July 28, 2013

Ikaw Ba'y Nalolongkot?

Catchy tune + cute cats + silliness = happy TPS.   It seems impossible to watch this MitchiriNeko March and be miserable after. Just. Not. Possible.

Speaking of happy things, it will be Sharkteeth's 10th birthday in a few days. Time flies so freakin' fast. Ganitong panahon nun, aligaga na ako. I so wanted to give birth na kasi my tummy was so heavy and I couldn't sleep well. The OB/gyne told me to walk around. Nakailang ikot ako sa CCP Complex at sa Baywalk, wa epek naman. Hmmmppp...Anyhoooo, we'll be celebrating in Bulacan, so malamang
makakasamba ako sa templo ni Henry Sy. Yehey! Excited na ako!!! Oh, another thing, may blog si S, Nofishies. She hasn't been updating lately kasi panay texts and activities sa school, pagoda ang bebeh. But do visit, 'kay?

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