Saturday, March 09, 2013

The February Fiesta Curse

Background story: A few days before our visit to my parents' place to celebrate the fiesta last February 2012, I learned that the fiesta was actually scheduled on the following weekend. Ugggghhh...there goes my leche flan. We still went ahead with the trip. Actually, that wasn't the worst part. On our way back, NAIWAN KAMI NG EROPLANO! We were already checked in, and we decided to grab an early breakfast. Thing is, we didn't hear the final call because the sound system was busted on the fourth floor. Haaaayyyy, the worst part: We had to pay almost thrice the price of our round-trip ticket. :(

Fast forward 2013.

Yay! We're visiting the parents again for the fiesta! Excited ang entire House of KoKo! I've already bought coupon deals and scheduled our activities -- ice skating ni Sharkteeth, ang much-beloved Cinnabon treats for TheHusband, and syempre, shopping for me (ang tagal ko nang di "nakasamba" sa templo ni Henry Sy!). Anyhoo, when we moved here down south, we started traveling more often and I have kinda memorized all the stuff we need to bring and I usually pack a day before or a few hours before our trip. So on the evening before the trip, I printed our itinerary, and when I checked out it out, SYETTTTTT!!!! We're landing in Mactan Cebu! As in south, not north! I so swear, muntik na akong ma-stroke! It felt like all the blood went to my head. I called my mom, and if you don't understand Tagalog and heard us, you would think somebody died. We were both screaming, well, more like screeching at the absurdity of it all. Lungkot kaya si Mudrakels. Pa'no naman she was expecting Princess Sharkteeth. I next called TheHusband, or more like TheCulprit, again screeching like a hyena. He seemed surprised but oddly unperturbed. Di pala naintindihan. He misunderstood what I said and thought our booking was for CEB-MLA and figured that we can just go to Cebu for the flight. No, silly! It's DGT-CEB! Again, there goes my leche flan...

We figured sayang naman yung ticket and we were so planadong-planado na for a minivacation, so gora! But not without some drama. Princess Sharkteeth was so looking forward to that trip and was inconsolable, plus it was almost midnight na and she gets so emotional when sleepy. She cried herself to sleep. Drama queen lang. S was feeling much better in the morning. Go! Go! Go! DGT-CEB flights are very short, ~15-20 min, and very picturesque. You'd go over the sea and over the mountains, and it's just so breathtaking seeing all the blues and greens.

We spent the first day in Ayala and *genuflect* SM. Haaaay, sobrang sumakit ang binti ko kakalakad. I'm not as spry as I used to be. I remember being at SM's door before they open for their midnight sales and still be up after 12 midnight, scouring the mall for whatever. Now? A couple of hours tops. After that, mainit na ulo ko. *Thunder! Thunder! Thundercats! Hahahaha* Hay, I digress na naman. Anyway, I shopped for essentials, and uhm, nonessentials as well, that I are not available here in Dumaguete. Coffee beans from Starbucks. Dirt-cheap accessories from Forever21 (sa awa ng Diyos, na-allergy na ako sa singsing. Napala ko!). Kokuryu placenta cream (please don't judge). I also looked for Etude House's Princess Etoinette blush and powder, to no avail. Winter Holiday line daw nila yun, eh mag-sa-summer na wala pa rin. Nakabili tuloy ako ng Silk Scarf conditioner, which I didn't like too much. It's okay, but not as excellent as what I expected from something called "Silk Scarf." Maganda lang ang lalagyan. Tell me, ano ba ang magandang conditioner for dry, frizzy hair? We also bought some fabric for TheHusband's pants. Found some toile du joy I've been looking for since forever, but it was reserved already. Charm offensive didn't work. :( Oh well. I also found some two-toned Hello Kitty shoes for S. So cute, I tell you.

I wasn't really keen on going the touristy route, but Sharkteeth hasn't been to the Taoist Temple yet, and so we went there.

Drogon and Rhaegal?

It's located in Beverly Hills, and S was all, "Mymy, it says there that this is 'Beverly Hills.' We're still in the Philippines, right?" Hahahahahahah! She's as awful as I am when in comes to geography. Her sense of direction, however, could give a homing pigeon a run for its money. 

*Aaacckkkk!!! Uploading pictures is a pain. I'll just continue this post some other time.*


  1. Hahaha, tawa ako nang tawa sa post mo na ito. Kainis lang yung prepped up ka na, sa ibang planeta ang punta. Cheers on that!

  2. Buti na lang napansin ko before we left. It would be so awkward, to say the least, if we ended up in Cebu without realizing it. Sayang, sana sa HK ang wrong destination namin.LOL!


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