Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fascinator, The Diva Headband

According to Merriam-Webster's, a fascinator is a woman's lightweight head scarf usually of crochet or lace. All I can say is, fascinators are just OA* diva headbands. Here are a few fascinators I made. I don't have a picture of the others, as they were already given as gifts. Both were made from recycled materials, with the exception of the headband itself. The first one was made from the trimmings of a tulle skirt I made for Sharkteeth. The flower rhinestones were from a hairclip that fell apart. The second headband, third and fourth pictures, was made from a leather skirt I bought in an ukay. I was going for a cattleya, but I couldn't access the Internet when I was making it, so I just based it on my memory of the flower. Look where it got me. *wry smile* Anyhoo, I would love to make a business out of this, but mass production doesn't excite me at all. *Hahaha! Feelingera. Parang may bibili.*

*OA, from overacting, meaning excessive.


  1. ang ganda! pwede na pangbenta! :)

  2. Magkano, love ko siya, bentaq mo na yung cattleya headband... bayad na rin ako for the shipping...

  3. KG, thank you! I wish I have the discipline and patience for mass production. Sa R&D lang yata ako pwede.
    Sheng, sorry, spoken for na eh. Will try to make one for you soon. *Crossing my fingers* What you want: headband or clip?


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