Tuesday, June 23, 2009

An Apple Doesn't Fall Far From A Tree

From my texting n00b mom: "Magbaon ka ng alcohol may namatay nasa ahini."

I was all, huh?! I initially thought, why the heck should I bury an alcohol? And what is ahini? Then I realized what she's saying: "Bring alcohol because someone already died of A(N1H1)." Careful everyone.


  1. We were with my tita in Batangas a few weeks ago and she asked us: "Huy! Anu ba yung en-wan en-wan na yan? Mamamatay ba ako dyan?"

  2. oo nga its scary...

  3. heheheh... join the club.

    it took my mother years to actually send text messages (techno gadget-averse to the max). sometimes it takes me ages to unravel her msg (trouble with spelling & punctuation? no problem -- just throw all the rules out the window), but i do get there eventually :D


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