Saturday, April 04, 2009

Seven Things I Love

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This meme is from the Little Firefly in Eire, and while I can think of more than seven things I love, let's keep it superficial and to a bare minimum---I'm already laying out half my life here in the WWW, let me retain a bit of mystery. I won't even go to TheHusband, Sharteeth, family, and stuff...para na akong sirang plaka. ["I'm like a broken record"...or a scratched CD?].

1. I love animals. Most animals. I especially love dogs and the affection they give. Hahaha, can I be any more needy? I find my dog's ebullience when I get home so endearing. I also love cats, but Sharkteeth has asthma and we couldn't keep cats at home.

2. I love the PowerPlant Mall. I love the stores (even if I cannot afford to shop in most of them); the subtle, quiet, unhurried, and relaxing ambience; the well-dressed (even in pangbahay shorts), articulate, and well-mannered people milling about; the nice and courteous staff; the well-stocked grocery; and most of all, the smell. I love the clean smell that I couldn't find in SM or Glorietta or even in the Podium or Shangri-La. If I ever have my own store for all things paper and kikay, I want it there. Wish. Wish.

3. I love pretty things. Who doesn't? Does it make me shallow? Perhaps. Does it make me happy, even for a moment? Of course. Paraphrasing Rebecca Bloomwood, "Everything is right
in the world again."

4. I love comedy shows, whatever kind. I also love witty banter shows. I remember this scene in Veronica Mars:
Vice Principal Van Clemmons: Mr. Echolls, may I have a word?
Logan: Anthropomorphic. It's all yours, big boy.
5. I love collecting all things unimportant and inconsequential. Stationery. Scented things. Recipes. Information. Boxes. [READ: Pack rat]

6. I love planting flowers and vegetables and seeing them bloom and bear fruit. A farmer's daughter through and through.

7. I love 4 pm weekdays because it means I'll be going home soon. Home is where the heart is.
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  1. And I love HOME, toooooo...

    Happy holy week TPS!

  2. Haha! I know what you mean by Number 2. Sabi nga ni wife, parang basil, amoy mayaman.

  3. Agree with Rico's comment re: "Amoy pang mayaman. " =) And yes, we love pretty things!

    Happy Easter!

  4. Hope you had a happy easter! :) I also love home, or the idea of going home!

  5. busy? walang update ah? :-)


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