Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hamper Lining

This palm leaf-rattan hamper is one of the numerous things we bought in Baguio, and I intended it for our dirty clothes, but the entwined dried palm leaves are not suitable for clothes because they snag fabrics. So I decided to make a lining.
I initially thought of making it in full canvass, but the inner girlie-girl in me insisted I put in floral trims. Good thing I'm a hoarder because searching a bit deeper in my stash of fabrics yielded me my long-forgotten floral fabric I intended to use to reupholster our dining chairs. Anyhoo, this is a fairly straightforward measure-cut-sew job, so I won't post the instruction anymore. But if you do need it, you know where to find me, right? So there, I added a few ribbons to secure the lining and a floral lining on top for good measure.

As usual, my Sharkteeth wants to be included in the picture, so please bear with my daughter's camwhoring.


  1. Wow, I love that hamper, how much does that cost? Ang ganda...I might want to buy one like that when I visit Luzon. I will also be needing instructions then for the lining.

  2. Thanks, Sheng. It's 200 pesos. I heard there are very good ones (all rattan) in Bicol.


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