Thursday, February 05, 2009

Dear Fairy Godmother: Marc Jacobs Mouse Shoes

Sheng wished for a laptop and seven days later it became hers. It's The Secret in action, right? Well, here's my wish, and let's start shallow and superficial.

Don't you just love the quirkiness of these shoes? I can imagine these impish mice peeking from my jeans and brightening up my day. So, dear Fairy Godmother, please shake your fairy dusts on me.

I hope the owners of these pictures will forgive me for swiping them. I really don't know where I got them.


  1. cool! Cute ng detail ng shoes na yan ah. Yeah your right, that shoes will surely brighten anyone's day!

  2. I wish it too for your birthday, Jeanny!

  3. hahaha! those are cute! ;-)


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