Saturday, August 16, 2008

Off To Paradise!

This picture was taken last year, give or take a few days.

TPS et famille are going to Boracay! Yay! This is becoming an annual thing for us. At the start of each year, we usually promise to do away with vacations, well, not vacation per se, just, you know, the ones that would get a huge chunk of our salary. But the thing is, just as soon as we have made that promise, we think of small excuses to go. For this year, our convenient excuse is that Sharkteeth requested that we go to Boracay instead of a big party for her fifth birthday. I think she loves the place because (a)
of water, water, and more water, (b) we have some sort of junk food amnesty program during vacations, (c) there's no school for her for a relatively long stretch, (d) we can build sand castles, and (e) she loves fishes, in fact, her most fervent desire is to be a mermaid. And with the dirt-cheap tickets, it would actually cost us less than a party. *shrewd* I wonder what's going to be our excuse next year.


  1. Oh man! Ingit ako! It seems like everyone's going away while we are stuck in the dingy city.

  2. sheng2:45 PM

    I and Hubby will be making a trip there too. We plan to do it this October. I hope it will push through.

    When are you going?

  3. Rico, go na! The tickets and accommodation are soooo cheap. Actually, for me, it doesn't have to be Boracay. I just want a period para makapag-recharge (READ: sleep, sleep, and more sleep).
    Sheng, you better make sure na matutuloy! Sarap mag-bakasyon. We just got back a few hours ago. We arrived there last Sunday. Sus, pagkadaming tao!

  4. Ganda ng pic! Isa lang ang flaw...where's the feisty tigress wearing a two-piece? :)

  5. KG, wait ka lang.


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