Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Half A Decade Later

True, you diss me whenever you have the chance, your own mother, the one who spent so many hours in the labor room and another bajillion hours in the delivery room. True, we always, as in always, fight over the PC. True, like me, you get bat-shit crazy when sleepy. True, you always kick me when you're asleep. True, you're as stubborn as I am. Worse, you're as stubborn as your father. True, you're a drama queen in the making. BUT. BUT. BUT to me, you're perfect.


  1. My gosh! 5 na si SAM? An bilis talaga ng panahon!

  2. amen... here's to another year of ups and downs in this continuing mother-daughter saga heheheh

    in a few years' time you'll even have a grander time while picking out new shoes, bags & clothes together

  3. Hay naku, ang bilis nga. Lagi na nga akong ino-okray. Lagi kaming galit-bati.


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