Sunday, October 14, 2007

On A Roll, I Am!

It was a long weekend, and I had time to tinker around, and this is one of my weekend babies---a reconstructed necklace (never for a moment be deceived that there's a rack there; I just used the most boob-flattering angle---took me a veeeery long time!). The necklace used to be a three-layer silver-crystal-rice pearl choker (no picture); after a few uses though, it became boring and blaaah, then it kept on breaking. So I attached a few of the segments with crystals and pearls to form a Y necklace, but it was still lacking the ooomph. Digging into my arts & crafts box, I found this rhinestone heart hair accessory, which, I believe, I bought from a co-intern back in 1995...hmmm, was it that long ago? I digress. Anyhoo, I attached it to the necklace, and it definitely gave the necklace the ooomph it needed.


  1. so, really (no kidding this time), who's the model?

    seriously, the necklace looks good. i guess this means you have a lot of free time these days

  2. Moi! No kidding!
    Thanks! Yes, lots of free time, and I'm taking advantage of know naman what happened when there are files!


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