Sunday, October 14, 2007

Madonna/Whore Leather Chest Box

Here is something I made the moment I got a free time last month. I named it the Madonna/Whore leather chest box because of the staid, almost matronly, appearance from the outside, but raaaawwwwrrr *claw the air, please* leopard print inside.

I went slumming one Sunday and found a 50-peso ($1) wine-colored leather skirt. Surveying my art & crafts supplies, I saw the craft box I scavenged from Onyxx and decided to make a leather-covered box. I'm not too good at giving instructions, but you'll catch the drift.
1. Reinforce the joint of the box inside and out using strips of leather.
2. Cut a corresponding piece of leather for each side.
3. Apply a thin layer of contact cement (smells heavenly, I tell you! shhhhh...) to the box. Let it dry a bit, then stick the leather pieces on each side.
4. The leopard-print velvet is an
other find from one of my previous slumming expeditions, and I used it as a lining. It's not too obvious in the picture, but the inside is lumpy because of the glue.
5. Attach a lock. I wanted to put corner protectors, or whatever those things are called, but I don't know where to find one.


  1. nice! can i order (but with a different design)? how much? really! i'm not kidding!

  2. Ang galing! I like the staid outside-foxy inside concept

  3. Corics, thanks! Sure, I can make you one, and does price really matters among friends? ; )
    Zar, thanks! thanks! thanks!

  4. ThePseudoshrink8:34 AM

    Corics, matter, not matters...just in case there are English Nazis lurking around. ; )

  5. Natalie2:08 PM

    Nice leather chest box. I used to made boxes but hand painted lang or wrapped with a special paper na may texture. :)

    OK 'to!

  6. Thanks, Natalie! Textured paper and paint work too! I made a few back in college that were decorated with with lace, pearl beads, and ribbon---romance overload! Leather works well, especially if the leather you're using is thin, like suede, though I did not use suede in this box.
    BTW, are you from GT?

  7. huwaw! eto na pala yung box?! i can't believe it's the same box. you know, this would make a nice x'mas giveaway (negosyo heheh)

  8. ThePseudoshrink2:05 PM

    Yah, onyxx, this is the box I scavenged from your cubicle. Nah, am not too inclined to make it a business---would kinda make it less enjoyable...


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