Thursday, July 21, 2016

Lagalag sa Leyte

As promised (long, long ago), here's our Leyte trip.

We left Cebu around 11 pm, if my recollection is correct (ang tagal na nga kasi...), and sailed for about 3 hours, reaching Baybay, Leyte, a little past 2 am. Antok na antok pa kami when we got there. Thank goodness the hotel (if I can call it that) was nearby and we were able to sleep again.

We visited the school TheHusband attended in high school. The school ground was huge! Syempre nag-reminisce sya and pinakwento ko ang mga kalokohan nila nung high school. Kung saan sila dumaraan pag tatakas sila. Kung sino madalas mapatawag ang parents. I wasn't able to take any good pictures of the school because it was sweltering -- sakit sa balat ng init.

After that, we strolled near the bay and stopped for coffee at Ciudad Coffee and Bar. They offer a lot of drinks (alcoholic and otherwise) and merienda to choose from, and their muffins are delicious. The price is a bit steep for me, but, well, not quite as expensive as Starbucks.

Ciudad Coffee and Bar
A RoRo campaign sortie was about to start while we were there, and that was when I realized that RoRo, or at least the half Ro, as it turned out, was doomed. The crowd was rather bleak. Around dusk, the program started with the usual dance number. Cringe. Bakit kaya kelangan ng song and dance number sa campaigns? Is it unique to our country?

We went around the plaza, taking pictures along the way, which I couldn't find in my folder. I must have used another camera for those pics. I will try to update once I find them.

The next day, Saturday, was the eve of the fiesta in Hindang. We were invited by a high school friend of TheHusband. Food was overflowing, natch. Everyone was busog na busog, natch. Daming kwento nung magkakabarkada. Laglagan na! Una tahimik pa ako...kasi they were conversing in Binisaya, which I only know gamay-gamay. Pero nung kinausap na ako ng Tagalog, naka-arangkada ng todo si TPS. Hahahaha! The wife of one of TheHusband's friends was as chatty as I am, if not more, and todo kwentuhan inabot ko. Sharkteeth and I left for the hotel mid-afternoon and left TheHusband with his friends.

The next morning, we left for Cebu via Ormoc, but you already know that.

Bakit lagi na lang ako ang photographer?


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    I would have wanted to post a more substantial comment, but it will be rather political. So wag na. Kaya hello na lang sa yo pseudoshrink! Hope to hear from you more often. ;-)

    1. Sus, gow na. Mas masaya yan, para may meaningful discussion. Hindi yung puro mga ad hominem attack at non sequiturs na comments na nababasa ko sa Facebook.


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