Friday, January 10, 2014

You Had Me At Hello

Nine West Okeanos in pale pink
Nine West Okeanos in pale pink

Much as I don't wanna be posting purchases here (and yet, ironically, this is the second time in a row), there's a lesson to be learned, I swear. My closest friends and I met up for our annual, or so we say, Christmas get-together in Marquee Mall in Pampanga. Hindi kami natuloy nung 2012 kasi may isang nag-e-emote. For the record, and surprisingly, not me. Anyway, after we ate, which, by the way, was peppered with tons of laughter and risqué stories, we shopped a little (promise, ako little lang talaga). It was my first time in Marquee, and it's very pretty, pero ang daaaaamiiiingggg tao, as in...magpa-Pasko kasi nun. Tangent thought: Most of the women and girls I saw were toting Coach bags. As in! What's up with that? Is there some sort bag uniform among Pampanguenas? Or may Coach store dun? What? Anyhoo, we were about to leave when I saw this pair of Nine West ballet flats. I immediately fell in love with the color, design, and style. The pair was PHP4520, from PHP5650. Not bad, right? And the shoes are made of leather, with rubberized soles for increased traction, and God knows I need traction. Lampa! Hahahaha! I was a bit disappointed when I tried them on because my toe cleavage showed, and I really don't like revealing my toe cleavage -- I'm modest that way. Hahahahahahaha! So I didn't get the shoes. The thing is, I kept on remembering it...the very nice shade of pink...the very charming flowers. Mag-nu-New Year na, naaalala ko pa rin. My conundrum must have bugged TheHusband too much and he offered to buy them for me. Hindi pa rin ako sold. The idea of exposing my toe cleavage really bothered me. "BUT THEY ARE SO PRETTY!", my heart screamed. And I gave in, with the proviso that they must be on sale. And, post-Christmas/New Year, indeed, they are! At 45% off! Which brings the price down to PHP3100+. Wow. Just wow. My good friend did the purchasing and sent them here in Dumaguete. So happy. Never mind that my feet are so lewd now. Hahahaha! Gosh, I totally forgot. THANK YOU, THEHUSBAND!

So what's the lesson? After-Christmas/New Year sales are worth waiting for. So next Christmas, dear friends, sa January ko na papadala gifts ko sa inyo. :)


  1. Toe cleavage - did you concoct the expression? I don't like showing mine too, but I love your shoes and hurray for sales!

    1. I didn't. Yun talaga tawag sa kanya. May Wikipedia (Hello! magazine, or is it OK?) entry for the term. :) Ang kyoooootttt nung shoes.


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