Monday, January 06, 2014

Cath Kidston 20th Birthday Backpack

Cath Kidston 20th birthday backpack

Got this as an early Christmas gift for Sharkteeth. I ordered it online around the end of October, and it was despatched a couple of days later.  Delivery took more than 7-10 days (as stated in their website), though I think the delay could be partly blamed on Yolanda. It's £65 in the UK, but I only paid £54.17 because they do not charge value-added tax (or whatever you call that tax) on non-UK purchases. I would have to shoulder any customs duties myself though, and horror stories of being charged exorbitant customs duties (sometimes amounting to the price of the item being shipped) left me jittery. Shipping fee is £20, which is a bit steep, but a friend ordered as well and we shared the shipping cost. Like I said, delivery was delayed, and we exchanged e-mails more than a couple of times -- my inquiries were always replied to courteously and professionally. It finally came around the third week of November. I was a bundle of nerves when I picked up the shipment at the Customs Office, fearing the worst. Would they charge me an arm and a leg? Only an arm? A leg? My legs are pretty sizable (#fact), I think one would be enough. Well, I'm happy to report that it didn't cost much, but I won't discuss the charges or amount here. E-mail me if you're curious. Needless to say, it's so VERY PRETTY. I love the patches and the pins. Of course, S was excited as well. I find it a bit expensive, given that it's made of polyester, but then again, it is VERY PRETTY. And oh, have I mentioned that it is VERY PRETTY? LOL! But wait, the proof of the pudding is in the eating (did I "hear" this phrase from you, Derdo?), and S immediately used the backpack the following day. Sadly, the edges of the patches frayed after a single use. I tried to burn off the edges to seal them and succeeded, but one is much too frayed to salvage and is already getting loose on one side. The embroidered flowers piled, but a bit of heat removed the piles. The fabric is holding up well though, despite the heavy school books. Oh, another thing, Stanley's (the dog in the keychain) tail is missing. I thought S, or perhaps I, broke it, but when I checked the unboxing picture (above), he has already lost his tail. Oh well. S doesn't seem to mind, so I didn't make any more fuss about it. He's now Stanley Stubbytail. S used the backpack for our Manila-Bulacan-Boracay-Iloilo-Bacolod  trip last December, filled with clothes, books, notebooks, and a couple of plushy toys, and it survived. And of course, VERY PRETTY. SO VERY PRETTY. So, there you have it. Ordering from Cath Kidston online is quite easy, but I cannot guarantee that your customs experience will be as breezy as mine.

Cath Kidston description

School. Work. Travel. In the bag. Don't be without one of our bestselling backpacks. Celebrate 20 years of Cath Kidston with this birthday version. 

My best bits
  • grab handles and padded, adjustable strap
  • zip fastening
  • matt oilcloth
  • 1 internal padded pocket for laptops up to 13"
  • 1 external zip pocket

I'm this big

  • 28 x 39 x 12 cm

Look after me

  • wipe clean only

I'm made out of

  • inner: polyester with PVC coating
  • outer: polyester


  1. Anonymous2:12 PM

    Oh, I was wondering where you got your Cath Kidston stuff. You order it direct pala. Saw a few CathK stuff in Power Plant before, I think in Archeology but never went back in as their stuff (they sell jewelry made by Daphne O) is too expensive for my pocket. Yup about the pudding. As for the tail of the doggie, parang true to life. Di ba some dogs' tails are cut short deliberately. Would you know why?

    1. Anonymous2:29 PM

      I think mas mahal sa kanina kasi they must have been charged high customs duties.
      As for the tail, I consulted, ehem, Wikipedia:

  2. A Collector's Item! Your daughter is so lucky to have a CK-loving mommy hehe! =)

  3. uy, remember that CathK bag you gave me? somebody i know who lived in London for about a year recognized it immediately and asked me where i was able to buy one. i told him it was a x'mas gift from a friend who ordered this stuff online :)

  4. Onyxx, okay gamitin ano? Hindi ako nangingimi na ipatong kahit saan kasi madaling labhan.

  5. naku, malapit ng magasgas because i use it on a daily basis LOL! i love the design and it's so durable; come rain or shine okay talaga sya :)

  6. Yan ang maganda sa CK, pwedeng pang-harabas. I wouldn't dream of doing that sa leather bags.

  7. like ko yung City of London patch,,hehehe

    1. Di matibay yung patches. They are all frayed na.

  8. Anonymous6:51 PM

    It's on SALE here in Singapore. How much sa Pinas nagre-range yung backpack nila?

    1. I haven't been on any of CK's shops here in Pinas. All my purchases were online.


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