Sunday, October 18, 2015

TPS 10th Anniversary Contest Winners

The following joined my blog anniversary contest:

  • Ms Grey
  • Marichu
  • aggiedala
  • edelweiss_19
  • Rose
  • Onyxx
  • cheekeegirl
  • Sheryl Burwell
  • Amor
  • Dbrightspot/Leah
  • Ba-an
  • blahblahblogchef
  • MyleneL
  • Nheng_28
  • Antonette
  • Anonymous 1:14
  • Biker Chic
Thank you for joining!

And the winners are...[drumroll, please]

Marichu (The Little Prince)
Amor  (Cath Kidston)
Antonette (Mrs. Winterbottoms)
Congratulations! I've already sent you an email. Please confirm your address and I'll send your prize within the week!

UPDATE: Amor and Antonette, this week ko pa ma-send ang prizes nyo ha? Nagka-ubusan ng bubble wrap!

Special thank you to my FAVORITE DAUGHTER (hehehehe), Sharkteeth, for helping me pick the winners!


  1. Haaay Sharkteeth, so pretty and pengeng tissue #nosebleed

    1. Ehem, mana sa...pinagmanahan. :)

  2. Son asked - "Who's talking?" Galing a. And her stuffed toys are so cute!

    1. :)
      Got the owl sa S&R. Pareho sila ni S na budlat. Same term sa Ilonggo?

      Di ko pa ni-send yung prize mo. Hoping to find sriracha sa Rob. :) I'll check sa weekend.

  3. Congrats to the winners!

  4. Congratulations to the winners.. peg ko ang Cath talaga!!


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