Thursday, May 28, 2015

Sea Urchins

On my morning walks along the bay, I usually bring TheDog to the water, trying to coax him to swim or at least get used to water touching his fur. Giving him a bath at home is always like a farce -- me trying to get him near the water hose by tugging on his leash, him lying down trying not to move. He always gets up and acquiesce though when I use "the" tone, but not a moment too soon. Happily, he's now at least dog paddling.

Wait, wait, where was I?

The sea urchin roe, yes.

Well, I usually see halved and empty sea urchin shells underwater when I bring TheDog to the water, and I asked the man who cleans the beach where to get some. Apparently, sellers bring the sea urchins (aka uni or swaki) to the baywalk around 10 am everyday and a bottle of roe costs 50 pesos. So cheap, right?

Fast forward to yesterday, Sharkteeth and I went to the bay to meet with friends who were going to Siquijor and on the way to the restobar where we were supposed to meet, I saw a couple along the breakwater preparing sea urchins. Long story short, I bought a bottle of roe and requested for one sea urchin shell with roe.

When we got home, I opened my pack of roe and sea urchin and thought of eating the roe from the shell. The thing is: BUHAAAAAAYYYY siya, mga teh!

Di ko kinaya. I placed it in the freezer. Death by ice. It was the merciful thing to do. I think. When I'm over my fear and awa today, I'll cook the roe in cream and use it as pasta sauce. IF I do get over my fear and awa. Wuz.


  1. I first saw this in Bolinao Pangasinan at nilalako ng mga bata para kainin


    1. It's fairly common pala in the Philippines. Sa ibang bansa, sobrang mahal nyan.

  2. Nakakatawa pero unang napukaw ang pansin ko ng sea urchin recently lang, sa movie na The Hundred Feeet Journey. Hindi ko pa nga alam ang tawag, ginoogle ko pa. Hahaha. Parang sa ibang bansa, prized sya, noh? At parang dito sa atin, ordinary lang bilang mayaman ang dagat natin. :)

    1. Nagulat nga ako sa price nyan sa ibang bansa. Dito ang mura lang. Alam mo, hindi ko na naluto. Naawa ako. Natapon lang tuloy. Sayang.

    2. Ay oo nakita ko nga ang post mong video sa IG, gumagalaw sya buhay pa talaga!!!!!! :)


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