Sunday, July 06, 2014

Bacolod: Ang Pagbabalik

TheHusband was asked to be a principal sponsor for a wedding (cue in the theme from The Godfather, hehehe), his first time to be one (now cue in the theme from Thundercats...joke lang, babe).

I was initially vacillating if I should go or not. I had a particularly bad case of flu, cough, cold, and may sumama pang hypersensitivity, and while I have already recovered, all I wanted to do was rest and sleep for a couple of days to fully recharge. But then, what kind of message am I sending if I let TheHusband go without me, him being a principal sponsor, i.e., a godfather, to the couple? I mean, shouldn't I, the wife, be there to support him? So after much internal debate, ayun, sumama ako, and of course, Sharkteeth.

Simula pa lang, sablay na. We specifically chose the 5:40 a.m. departure kasi aircon bus daw yun, according to the dispatcher TheHusband inquired from the night before. Turned out hindi aircon. TheHusband asked me if we should still go; huwag na lang daw kaya kaming tumuloy...nakita siguro na nakasimangot ako and isip nya eh malamang totopakin ako sa byahe. Naisip ko naman kasubuan na and I should just suck it up. So off we went.


May restroom and food break when we reached Mabinay, kaso natagalan kami ni S sa restroom (gotta wipe our wet? pwet? hehe), and when TheHusband and I went to eat, nakaka-ilang subo pa lang kami ng food eh umandar na yung bus. Sayang, ang sarap pa naman nung beef nilaga na tinda dun sa canteen. I tried to stuff as much food as possible to my mouth without choking. Hahahaha!

 Bearable naman yung trip because it was so cold. Around 6 hours din yung byahe. Zigzag yung road dun sa mountainous area, but the driver was very careful.

We reached Bacolod around 12 noon. We went to the hotel, left our things, and went to the mall to eat.

We ate in The Pastry House of Bob's. Itatanong nyo, Bob's  whom or what exactly? Malay ko. Hehehe!


Yung mag-ama, they liked their respective orders (schublig and Hungarian sausage), pero I didn't like mine (chicken terriyaki). The dessert, however, was sooooo good -- it has two or three layers of chocolate cake with white mousse filling in a chocolate shell and topped with grapes, cherries, slices of kiwi, and other fruits. Sobrang sarap. I like it better than Conti's Mango Bravo or Purple Oven's chocolate cake. Hindi ko naubos kasi it was so filling. Too bad, I don't have a picture of the cake -- it was as delicious as it was pretty.

I fell asleep shortly after we went back to the hotel. Aba, pag-gising ko, alas-siete na ng gabi at wala na yung mag-ama. They went to Starbucks na pala. I followed them there, and after coffee, we went to SM. We looked for a gift for the couple and S went to look for some Moshi Monsters or Squinkies or something -- I swear, I have lost track of all the toys in the market now. Sandali lang kami sa SM, kasi halos closing time na nung dumating kami dun.

Trying on hats in SM. Bagay naman, diba?


Sunday was very hectic. We woke up late -- what's new? Hahahaha! After we had our breakfast, we bought some wrappers and books for S, and when we got back to the hotel, 11:30 na! Eh 12 noon ang checkout. Jusko, we had to pack, shower, and dress up in 30 minutes. I was wailing, "pa'no ko na lang paplantsahin ang buhok ko?" Di ko naman nakita, but I assumed TheHusband and S rolled their eyes. Hahahaha! In fairness, photofinish naman kami! Saktong 12 noon, naka-checkout kami. I just did my makeup in the lobby restroom; wala nang plantsa-plantsa ng buhok. Wash and wear. Hahahaha! I was planning on going to the salon, but with a 2-pm call time, I didn't have time to go anymore. 


On our way home, hindi na naman aircon yun bus.  We couldn't wait for the 10-pm trip or postpone the trip the next day because TheHusband had to be in the office early for some visiting clients. Turned out the aircon (or lack of it) was the least of my worries. Grabe yung driver. "Fearless" is an understatement. Parang may death wish! He wasn't afraid of going fast over the zigzag roads and hairpin turns. I used all my reserves of self-control not to have a mental meltdown, 'cause I tell you, I was starting to freak out. I tried to sleep it off, rationalizing that should we fall into the ravine, I'd be asleep. To show you how fast our trip was, we were home in 5 hours.

Sadly, may pabaon pa ang Bacolod sa amin. S and I had a bad case of gastroenteritis. It was awful. At least I lost weight. Hehehe. I don't know what we ate, but TheHusband wasn't hit. S wasn't as badly hit either, but I was almost crawling from the weakness it brought. The sight of food made me nauseous. Turned out TheHusband's other officemates were hit as well, with one ending up being hospitalized. I'm okay now, thankfully.


  1. I think the pastries of Bob's taste better than their main courses though when I was younger, I liked their cheeseburgers and pizzas very much - parang homemade. And if I'm not mistaken, Lucy Torres likes the oatmeal cookies of Bob's. :)

  2. Masarap talaga yung nakain kong pastry. Ita-try kong gayahin. Crossing fingers. Sarap yung contrast ng tartness ng fruits with the sweetness of the cake and filling.

    Yung chicken terriyaki na nakain ko parang may slightly burnt taste. :( I love chicken terriyaki pa naman, but I don't know how to cook it well, kaya pag kumakain lang ako sa labas ako nakakatikim.

  3. I love Bob's sate! Matitikman ko na rin ulit sa August. Sorry about your gastroenteritis - hope ok na kayo ni S.

  4. Dapat pala yun ang ni-try ko. Sayang talaga. Parang sikat si Bob sa Bacolod ano?

  5. Doctor ang may ari nyan. Sicangco if I'm not mistaken. They opened a cafe here in Kapitolyo pero CAB ang name. The boxes they use sa cake nila are stamped "The Pastry Shop at Bob's".

    1. Parang mas tama yung "The Pastry Shop at Bob's" kesa "of Bob's." Hehehe

  6. Madaming branches sila sa city, ano? Pero dun kami sa nasa loob ng Rob, kasi malapit sa GoHotel.


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