Friday, May 09, 2014

Cebu From Afar

We traveled by ship going to Cebu via Cokaliong's M/V Ozamiz. (Am still deciding whether I'd do another comparison of Cokaliong vs. George & Peter.) The ship left promptly at 11 pm. It was a fitful sleep for all of us, especially Sharkteeth, who was so furious(!!!) at a passenger who was snoring ever so loudly. I completely understand her. IT. WAS. SO. LOUD. In her fit of inis, while TheHusband and I were already fast asleep, she went outside the cabin and stayed on the deck to watch the sea. Jusko, natakot naman naman ako nung sabihin nya yun! What if she fell overboard?! Anyway, she didn't. Thankfully. Around 4 am, the captain called the crew via the sound system, asking them to prepare for docking. Ako naman, si tanga, I woke TheHusband and Sharkteeth kaagad-agad. Goodness, 5 am na kami naka-dock. Sana nakatulog pa ako ng konti. Here are the pictures of the last 30 minutes of our approach to Cebu.

Cebu Sunrise

Again, dear reader(s), if anybody can teach me an easy way to take reasonably good pictures and edit them using iPhone 4, I'd be most thankful.


  1. Ang tapang ni junakis!!! hahaha I confess.. never pa ako naka-ride ng ship.. The most I had eh ferry trip to Bataan, Corregidor, Boracay... yun lang haha I also have problems taking photos in the dark... My photoshop skills are so limited naman. Hanggang IG filter na lang pag-asa ko

    1. LOL! Di daw kasi makatulog and inis na inis sya. She got all my neuroses and sapaks. Hahahaha!

      I prefer ships over ferries kasi mas stable -- di mo mararamdaman na umaandar na, that is kung hindi masyadong maalon. I think you'd be more comfortable with a ship. Sa ferries and fastcrafts kasi ramdam na ramdam mo bawat alon, nakaka-seasick.

      Alam mo ba, I had to upload each picture one by one sa IG para ma-align/straighten ko yung pictures. Hahahaha! I'm so hopeless pagdating sa picture editing.

  2. hi sis! haven't been to cebu pero i wanna go there one day. regarding photos, try pixlr-o-matic or fotor :)

    1. Thank you, Angel. Cebu is beautiful, but the city is as busy as Manila. So if you're looking for some R&R, it would be better if you go to the periphery, where the beaches are. There's this place in Cebu, Oslob, where do can swim with the whale sharks, but it's close to Dumaguete airport than to Mactan airport.

      Thanks so much for the tip. I'm thinking of getting a nice lens for my iPhone, that Sony thing. I hope it would help me get sharper pictures, 'cause apps can only do so much if my unprocessed ones suck in the first place. I don't have any inclination naman to get a DSLR or even just a point and shoot kasi I'm so lazy to lug things.


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